My hubby has finished the first coat of the living room accent wall, it’s green. It’s not the green I thought I picked mind you but it is green, which is what I wanted seeing as this is the wall of windows that faces onto our backyard and forest area beyond that, but this green is a tad more on the yellowy green side than the grey-green I wanted. I want to take a sample of it — along with the “Easter Lily” white that is actually pale yellow — back to the paint store. I certainly couldn’t have picked two wrong colours… could I? How can everything come out with a yellow tinge!!! Of course I can’t find my sample paint chips now. AUGH!

My man is busy cutting out the red wall right now and he’ll be priming it later today. I hope it is ok! I loved my red wall in my last house, it was called “Burnt Pumpkin” so it was a deep orangy red — I LOVED IT! This time I chose a more blood red but if turns out more yellowy or pinky I think I’ll scream. $1100.00 worth of paint down the drain, not a cheap mistake to say the least.

The problem for these colours is this… I found the colours I loved at Canadian Tire, they are Debbie Travis paint colours. I took those samples to Glidden where they have ICI paint (we get 35% off there) and I had to find a close match. I thought I did that with a great degree of success. I guess the florescent lighting in the store threw me off…

…back I go searching for the ever elusive paint chip samples!

** Update **
It’s 5pm and the first coat of red is on. I LOVE IT! He’s finished the second coat of the green. I can’t stand it although he’ll be happy to hear that I’m warming up to the “post-it sticky note” yellow (a pale version). I still can’t find those paint chips!! When I was looking at my blog’s front page… my banner reminds me very much of the colours I’ve chosen.

After the basement is painted it’s onto the boy’s room and then Em’s and then their bathroom. The boys picked a bright blue and kiwi green, the neighbours two streets down will be able to see those colours!. The colours are coming off their bed spreads that they’ve had for years c/o IKEA… so think bright. Em’s, being the only Princess in this house, picked dark pink and pale green to go with her IKEA bedding. My room will have to wait, I haven’t found a bedspread that I’m sold on yet and I’m not sure if we’re going with hardwood or carpet in there either. I just know I’ll be happy to cover the pressboard!


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  1. Hey, how much would you sell your pale yello/easter lilly paint for? I may be interested in a couple gallons for my kitchen!!

  2. ok that is so sucky!
    my painter is all done! so I am taking pictures and putting my furniture back! I will either post them later or tomorrow

  3. have fun looking for that paint chip…. mine always seem to do a disapearing act.

  4. I’ve created quite the collection of paint chips in the 2.5 years I’ve been trying to decide on colors…Um, I could probably let you borrow some.


  5. That all sounds awesome! Maybe after a 2nd coat the green will grow on you too. At least you like the red and yellow! Paint is so hard because depending on the lighting the colors can look so different!! I hope it all works out okay and you are happy with it. I can’t wait to see some pictures!

  6. I love how paint is something so simple and yet can transform your home!

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