This morning the city’s building inspector was by to see what we’ve done so far in the basement and we passed!!

We can now start insulating and boarding the walls, followed by mudding then hooking up the lights. We’ll have to wait on the actual kitchen… the RV took up that money!! Flooring will be on the bottom of the list… concrete and carpet remnants for a bit will be OK. Thanks to our friends for donating their carpet (they’re renovating too and gave us what they used to have). We’ll have a laundry tub for a sink and a hotplate for a stove and lots of bbq’n will be going on but we’ll be in our own space and we’ll be able to have people over and drop in on us… just like old times!

I can’t wait!!
Update on Q’s trip out west: Q called today, they were just heading into Universal Studios. They have been to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm so far (they weren’t impressed with KBF, my mom said they won’t waste their time again, it’s really fallen apart since we went as kids). Q really like the Bat Mitzvah as well. They’ll be heading home soon. They need to be back in BC for a going away party for my sister and her family on Sunday and then he’s back here on Tuesday. I miss him a lot!!


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  1. Yay, I am excited for you and I know how long you guys have been waiting for this!! That is awesome that you have passed and we miss Q too!!

  2. I talked to Emily yesterday too, they are having such a great time!
    I miss her SO much!

    that is great about your inspection!! ya for progress!!!

  3. Very cool. I wish I could just come by and drop in on you. I love you guys: you, Lala, and Rena. Will you adopt me?

  4. Yeah! on the inspection and your boy coming back soon.

  5. congrats on getting passed! You never know with those government workers! lol

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