My hubby’s reading an incredible book right now. He shows me a new paragraph just about every other page that I should read. The book will soon be underlined and highlighted, he likes to digest a book over and over again. He loves reading. This particular book is called, “The Storehouse Principle” by Al Jandl and Van Crouch published in 2004. I think my Dad passed this one along… thanks Daddio.

The Bible is filled – from cover to cover – with Scriptures on this subject. What is a storehouse? Besides being a God idea and a revolutionary one at that… it is simple; a tangible plan for the future. A savings account could be one small start. Think Provision! Think of the 7 years of famine, would they have survived without the 7 years of plenty in which they put away and stored – preparing for the future?

Start off by reading Deuteronomy 28:8. Did you notice the word “command” in it? If God is going to command the blessing on you in your storehouses, don’t you think you should have one?

The book (and the Bible) describes people who plan and have “storehouses”:
* Good stewards of God’s resources
* Have financial stability
* Overcome the fear of financial lack and poverty
* Accelerate debt reduction
* Manage their current income
* Are positioned to act on financial opportunties
* Acquire godly contentment with hope for tomorrow
* Master their money instead of their money mastering them
* Are generous proactive givers
* Fulfill their divine destiny in God
* Leave a legacy for those they love

Getting more money is not the answer to your problems, chances are… you’ll just spend more money. It’s being wise with what you have right here and now. Not making unnecessary purchases or spending in places that we don’t really need. When making a purchase or signing a contract, ask yourself… am I being a wise steward with what God has given me? What’s left after I have paid my tithes, put money in the storehouse(s), paid my bills, etc etc.? I know I need to fill the holes in the pockets and stop spending just because it’s there. I need to have money stored up — waiting and ready for whatever God wants me to do with it!


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  1. It is pleasing to hear my daughter exhorting something very meaningful to living this life on earth without a unnecessary stress.
    Worse yet is finding lots of time on earth left but little to live on. Another is being in the position where you want to give or to have the funds available but don’t. For years I lived by “Faith” giving and never saving.
    Having a savings account (this is not what a Storehouse account is) was “lack of faith” Goofy what we sometimes believe. Establish for once and always that everything you give is a SEED. Plant it – don’t throw it. Name the SEED. Believe God for the increase. Having a Storehouse gives Him a place to bless you. He wants you blessed so that not only you and your family is blessed but you can be a blessing to others to establish His Will on the earth.

  2. This book sounds amazing! I’m gonna check it out on amazon.

    On a completely different note – I just checked out your new pic in your profile and you are gorgeous!!!!!! You are your hubby are such a cute couple!

  3. Nice to see that your father is reading your blog. Wow! Sounds like you two are close… well done! You seem to have the gift of “giving.” Very cool.

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