An interesting job opportunity for me has come to light. For the last 15 years I’ve worked in financial institutions in all sorts of departments from reception to financial planning to investments. Right now I’m only working part-time so that I can help with the cost of finishing this house and still be able to spend most of the day with the kids. I make what I thought was good money until now…

We had a meeting tonight with a friend who is starting with Primerica. I knew it as just a term insurance company but it has expanded and grown since then. I think I’ll sit back and see how he does for a while before I decide anything. His supervisor said with the knowledge I have I could be making as much as $40,000 and work only on my terms, part-time… from home. This seems like a bit of “too good to be true”. I know the company’s reputation and it is a good one, I am not worried about a scam here. My friend’s new supervisor said that one call could result in $1,000 commission cheque.

They do much more these days. From the flag-ship of Term Insurance to travel insurance, mortgages and debt reduction plans. That stuff interests me. The next meeting is next Thursday… should I go?

Does anyone have any inside scoop on selling Primerica? Any experiences to share??


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  1. I like fee only financial planning. I always hating selling certain limited items just because a person pushing them made more commission on that particular product.

    Personal moral thing.

    If I were to ever do it, I’d want a huge selection to chose from, and I’d rather do my job well and earn less commission, than do it poorly (be able to sell anything to anyone) and earn more. Seems to be the trend.

    I’d look closely.

    Truly not trying to be a downer…hope that helps.

  2. Just investigate and yes sit back and watch what happens first and we don’t have to tell you anything about decision making, you are skilled in prayer.

    I can pray for you for direction.

  3. I would definately go and see what they have to say…no harm in that! My only concern is who would you be selling to? Would you be basically telemarketing? or would they supply the people who are already interested? Let us know what you decide and if you go to the meeting how it goes!

  4. I know a few people who are involved with Primerica and seem very happy with it. I personally don’t know that much about it, and will gladly join you at that meeting, if for no other reason, than to play “devil’s advocate”.

  5. I knew someone long ago that worked for Primerica…..I don’t know where he is at with it now

    but it seems like something that has been around for a long time for sure and to be able to work from home would be awesome and save you $$ right there!!

  6. hey not sure of anyone right now but we do have a policy with them but Rons uncle is a insurance guy if you want any info I’m sure he would be more than willing to give you insite he is now very well off I mean very well off

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