My hubby is busy as a bee in the basement today.

He’s prepping the floor by laying this grey bubble plastic stuff followed by 5/8″ wood planks then he’ll be laying the cork flooring!!! Man a lot goes into the stuff underneath what you walk on!!

His dad is still on his honeymoon in the US but he’ll be back sometime next week so the pressure is on and has never been greater to get our living / kitchen space finished so that we can officially move out of Dad’s portion of this family duplex of ours!! I’m so looking forward to that day!

It’s been a long long time coming. We all moved in here back in August 2005 – sharing the kitchen, living room and dining room ever since but soon I’ll have my very own kitchen, my very own living room and my very own dining room!!!


and screaming all at the same time as I realize that finishing our space means I have to unpack this room……


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Oh Shash I am so excited for you. Count me in on helping to unpack that room with you guys.

  2. Hee! Hee! We are waiting for a call for help! I am excited for you Shannon

  3. Nice to know he spends a lot of his time on his knees.

    The pics makes me want to be there to help – however it’s the thought that counts – right?????
    or is it “Faith without works is dead!”

  4. Wanna know one of the most frustrating things?? When Dave went to pick up the cork flooring this past Tuesday…. they told him it came in 2.5 weeks before but they couldn’t find our number!!! Yeah right?!! Great! Thanks a bunch. Dad… you could have been helping us then!!! 😉

  5. unpack the room…just in time for the garage sale…

  6. The black hole is leaving???
    What will you use as a excuse for not finding stuff when it’s clean?
    Everyone needs a black hole….
    Poor black hole….
    Maybe a black hole closet instead?

    ….notice I’m not volunteering to help….. : ) black holes scare me

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