Thirteen Things on Shash’s Christmas Wish List:1… Besides the usual “I want my house finished” list… what else is there?! 2… A new digital camera. Mine doesn’t download to the computer anymore and the photos are grainy when you blow them up, I guess that’s what you get with a 3.1.3… I need some new work/church clothes, especially pants. I’ve shape shifted after the 4th baby and can’t wear many of my old clothes.4… A stove. We don’t have one for our kitchen, we will be using a toaster oven and counter top roaster for a while. It’s not just any stove my hubby wants… it’s a professional type gas stove with a grill. Dream big right?!5… My van’s radio/CD player fixed. We’ve been without the sound of music for a few months — I need something to keep the kids occupied during the long trips we frequently do.6…A new pair of black (dress) boots. Mine died last winter, I thought I could get away with wearing them again for one more year (I bought them in 2002) but my feet got wet…7… A microwave. We sold our with the last house, it was a built in over the stove. I miss it.8… A dishwasher. Same reason as above.9… A new winter (dress) coat. My black wool one I bought in 1997, I wear it every day from the fall to the spring. I love it but it is very tired. The pockets are coming apart and it’s growing fuzz.10… To be fully unpacked from moving almost 17 months ago.11… A gas fireplace. 3 sided. To go between our living room and dining room area in our portion of the house (the basement).12… A dresser for Emma and Jacob. They have had to live out of boxes and baskets. I have 1 plastic drawer container for Emma now but it’s not big enough.13… New furniture. We don’t currently have a dining room table – or a kitchen table for that matter. We gave ours away a while ago, it’s seed. We also need new couches, ours are 10 years old and were at one time white. Who knew white wouldn’t be a good colour for a family with kids??! We also have oddles of people over and lots of people cram on the couch and it actually slightly snapped before we moved into this house. We also don’t have any coffee tables… basically it’s safe to say… we do not have a lick of furniture to put into our space once we move into that space.

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  1. What a great list! I am hoping for a new camera too. πŸ™‚

    Happy TT!!

  2. And may all your wishes come true this Christmas!

    Happy Thursday!

  3. I know what you mean about white couches…I am sure you will get many of these wishes.

  4. Thanks to my friend at TFH! She just called and is lending me some items for the kitchen & a dresser for Emma until we get the ones we want. Thank you!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy TT!

  6. Thanks to my s-i-l who called with a dining room table!!


  7. Nice list. πŸ™‚ I hope many of your Christmas wishes come true! I don’t know what I’d do without a microwave and dishwasher – they are definitely essentials for me!

    Happy T13. πŸ™‚

  8. it’s always best to dream big and aim high! i hope you get some of the things you wish for!

  9. Very nice list!
    May all your wishes be fullfilled!
    Have a save and happy Thanksgiving!
    Happy TT from Germany,

  10. I was thinking of doing a TT like this too. Great idea. πŸ™‚

  11. That’s a hefty list. I do hope “Santa” gives you all of it!

  12. Aiiieee! The remodel! Cooking in a toaster oven and everything upside down. I hope it’s done soon.

  13. I took tonya to the suzy sheer outlet on hespler road and she went crazy she got pants for $1 and nothing in the store was over $10 and right next door is the Bluenote outlet and everthing there is buy one get one free. not sure when all that ends but they are all year round outlets so different sales are happening all the time wonderful and i will put it in your hubbies ear for sure.

    talk to you later

  14. wow! you’ve got quite a list here! goodluck and hope you got them all done in time for Christmas.

    happy TT

  15. A good list…hope you get everything you asked for!!

  16. Thats a great list. I hope you get some of your wishes this year.

    Furniture is on my list too. There is an Ikea couch that I really want for our living room. It looks so fluffy and comfy.

  17. I too need a new camera. These digital things don’t seem to hold up. And they are so pricey!

    I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and blessed!

  18. wow you should post your “need” list more often…look how fast you are getting them met!

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