One minute I’m complaining that the week is going by so slowly the next thing I know it’s Friday!!!

The 2 guys from Japan go home tomorrow morning. It’s been a fun week with them but also very tiring. I’ve been up at 6:30am every morning which is SOOO not like me. I am not a morning person and I am blessed with children that sleep in until at least 7:30am and the oldest ones don’t even wake me up for breakfast, they pretty much get ready by themselves. The younger two usually sleep in even longer than that. They love their sleep. I love my sleep.

Anyways… What I was saying is our time is done. I took them to the skating rink inside the mall last night. There were about 50 or so other students that made it out as well. By the time we got there they didn’t have any skates left to rent though. My guys had to wait until the last 20 minutes of the family skate until someone came off the ice and exchanged with them. My own kids (older 2) have their own skates so they got to skate the entire hour and a half. After the skate time we shopped for an hour and a half.

I found a few little Canadiana items to send them home with. I bought a little stocking for each of them and have filled it with chocolate (bars that you can only get in Canada), a tree ornament, a couple stickers (Toronto Maple Leafs & a Canadian flag), a Canadian pin and a small Ontario calander. We’ll give it to them tonight after the going-away party at the school they’ve been attending.

With only 10 days left until Christmas I’m really behind the eight ball! Nothing has been done in the basement so I might not have a kitchen or living room before Christmas. My hubby has been sore and has been on the lazy boy all week. He’s more mobile today but I still have a kitchen full of dirty dishes and no decorations for the tree. We managed to get out and buy the tree this week! $50 later!!!! Wow, they are expensive. The first place we went to was sold out. It is sitting in the space that should be our living room – bare. I’ve been into the black hole, otherwise known as the storage room, and can’t find the lights or the ornaments. We might be going au naturel this year!

On the upside… the weather out here is so beautiful! We’re having a great warm winter. We had a tiny bit of snow but it has since melted. Today is sunny and warm, the fall coats are out again. I like this kind of Christmas but I have to admit… it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit. The weather is making me think that I have months left…. not days!


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  1. We only put our tree up on Sunday. And the cat has already climbed to the top many times and knocked off the fake branches.
    As well Bailey has attacked and eaten any ornaments and candy canes at his level.

    I’m with you on the behind part of Christmas. I have hardly any shopping done and it wont get done till next weekend.

  2. You could do a homemade Christmas. We did that one year when we had no money…Princess made some really nice Christmas ornaments at the homeschool group that look really nice…and I think we need snow in order to feel like Christmas is here…I don’t feel it is the right time of year either!

  3. I know I have some Christmas lights you can use to get that portion done, and well at least you will have one ornament on it from Lili. I will get the lights out incase you would like them yet today…. I better go find them now.

    I like this weather too… but as you said Its just not the same without snow to make you feel in the spirit of the season.

  4. Little stockings are a great idea for the boys. It has been an interesting week. We met Geof and Sharon’s two boys last night. They came over for dinner, and played video games with T-man,K and M. Todd also took them to a sports store.

  5. What is it with this Christmas?? IT seems that everyone is behind on things. You’re not the only one just now getting a tree out, or pulling out decorations. And it seems like everyone (including me) is soo behind, or hasn’t even started shopping! It’s a crazy year!

  6. I think hosting exchange students would be such a great experience! I knew some exchange students from Germany in high school and I enjoyed being around them and hearing about what their life was like.

    I got the painting you commented on at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I don’t know if they have this store in Canada, but you could probably buy it from them online. It is a pretty picture!

  7. you could get the kids to make paper chains and string popcorn and cranberries and tie little bows on it….that would look great! I wanted to do the popcorn and cranberry thing on my tree..but I thought the dogs would eat them!!

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