Last night my church had its 13th annual Christmas dinner and it went over very well. It was a packed house!

I had to make up a recipe for carrot & turnip mash and it was delicious – so much so that there were no leftovers and my kids LOVED it! This is amazing because I know how strong turnip taste can be, right La la?! I boiled the turnip with a few apples. When I went to mash them with the carrots I included the boiled apples and added allspice, pepper and salt. Then I added about a cup of mayonnaise. I got that ingredient from the Kraft Canada website. I peeled and cooked a 10 pound bag of carrots and 4 large turnips. I also had about 4 potatoes that I added to it as well. It was a mixed bag of stuff and it turned out.

The kids did really well in the talent show as well. About 8 or 9 groups performed in total and a few last minute little ones wanted to experience the lime light. Q sang a solo, sans any music, he was a bit nervous so his voice wasn’t as strong as it was in his practice time. Em also sang a solo with a CD, she knew all of the words and did a really really great job. Even little Li got up there and sang, “Twinkle Twinkle”. I was and am very proud of all of them. I wish I had a video camera!!!!

The food last night was fa-bu-lous over all. We had so much food it was unbelieveable. People could go up for fourths if they wanted to. We used to take all the extra food to the shelter beside the old church but they no longer accept pre-made food. We divided up and handed it out to people as they left. There were almost 100 people. A few people didn’t show who said they would and a few people who showed up that we didn’t know were coming. I think it evened itself out in the end. We were all cleaned up and the chairs set up the way they should be for next Sunday by 9pm. Over all — a very enjoyable evening with our church family!

One little side note from this morning: I got Jake dressed early this morning and then I prepared to get myself ready (after the oldest two had left for their bus). I turned on my bathtub (large jacuzzi – deep style tub) and turned around to wash down the sink. I noticed the kids left large gobs of toothpaste around the rim and I can’t stand that. Why they use my bathroom I have no idea, they have their own! Anyway… so I wiped down the sink, tap and surrounding countertop and turned around to find Jake — fully clothed — sitting in my bathtub water. I didn’t even hear him get in the tub – over that huge edge and splash down into my water. He was so proud of himself – gave himself a little clap. Where’s the camera when you need it! He’s 16 months old. What next is he going to get himself into??!!


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  1. Glad you had a good turn out for the Christmas Dinner.

    What a funny lil man you have getting into the tub. That is a large ledge, how did he do it? It would have been a great picture.

  2. I missed the carrot/turnip melody, by the time we got to eat I think it was all gone,(2nd last table) I like Bev, love turnip and carrot. We grew up eating it, alot.
    Jake reminds me of Liv, everytime the water was running she wanted in, even up to SK. Now I am not even allowed in the bathroom when she is getting into the shower.
    Time goes by to quickly.

  3. I’ve noticed your bloggie has been lop-sided for awhile. I’m not a regular redear but I have a passion to fix stuff! If you want some help to iron out these kinks you can email me at It looks to me as if you started out with one of Blogger’s “Rounders” templates and the corners need to be re-sized, uploaded to a photobucket or such and then brought back into your template from there. That should fix the top problem. The off to the side problem may be a missing end div tag.

  4. ewww turnips….hehee

    ok so cute about Jake! little man getting so big!

  5. Finding a child in water – one of the most heart-stopping events EVER. GAH!!!

    Okay, I’m sure it was great, but carrot and turnip mash (combined with the dirty diaper that just walked in the room) is not doing it for me.

    Yes, you need video of the twinkle twinkle!!

  6. Hey, the dinner was great, I loved the turnip and carrots. Pookie is like that too with the tub. She jumped in the other day with Mr. Hockey, fully clothed and loaded stinky diaper!

  7. Glad your mash turned out good. I have to say I’ve had turnips. It sounds good though!

    That is so cute about Jake! I think that between 1-2 years old is a great age! Everything is new and an adventure to them!

  8. That’s too funny about Jake. Funny with my boy, almost nothing really surprises me anymore!

  9. That is so funny about him getting in the tub!! when they’re little and cute you have to keep them camera around your neck I think! The Beast got into my stamp set and was chewing on them, and had ink in mouth and all over her face (I’m sure not very healthy, but she survived. LOL.) and I ran to the camera and took pictures before I cleaned her up!! Ha!

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