I heard the ice pelting the windows this morning before I had opened my eyes. I told the kids they could stay home, there’s nothing worse than walking to the bus – getting hit by large chunks of ice. I forgot to turn on the radio. My hubby came home from running around and when he wasn’t surprised that the kids were still home… I knew something was up. As far as I know all schools in our area are closed. The kids haven’t had much of a winter as of yet and they already have a “snow day”! I still have to go to work however! 🙁 waa waa

The plumber is here today finishing up in our living space. Once he is done we can get the building permit signed off and get an occupancy permit and we can officially move out of Dad’s portion of the house!! YIPPEE!

We’re not putting in the kitchen sink and dishwasher right away, we have to wait for the main counter top (granite). We’re putting in a laundry tub and the bathroom for now. We’ll use the laundry tub in the furnace room for now for our dishes and such. We can’t have a stove down there yet either so we have a crock pot, a roaster, convection toaster oven and a microwave (thanks for the lend A.D.). In time it will be a full kitchen!! It would be nice if the ladies meeting on Friday could actually be in my living room… I’ll have to push the hubby this week!

Well, my kids are busy playing and I have to finish getting ready for work. They have a bunch of new toys to keep them occupied!! Someone on Friday at the local hockey game gave my hubby a large box of brand new toys for our kids (they are an elderly couple with no grandchildren). The stuff inside must have cost well over $100! The colouring books alone came to about $35. There was a Barbie with a dog, a giant My Little Pony playground set, and 2 giant boxes of Play-Doh. And on Saturday, I managed to find some incredible deals on costumes for their Imagination Box, old Halloween dress-up stuff for 75% off (1 Disney Princess gown for $4.94!) This weekend has been like Christmas all over again.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I am originally from So Cal and I don’t ever remember having any snow days–i don’t even really remember having a winter! I hope you get some snow or something fun like that!

  2. Friendships have ebb & flow… that’s just part of life.
    I don’t know of anyone who can maintain all their friendships on a quality level all the time.
    I learned something years ago that has really helped me…
    Pattern your friendships after the design of the temple in the Old Testament. Lots of friends or people you show ourself “friendly” to in the outer court…At least 10 real friends that you can have fun with, count on and enjoy their company in the inner court of your life…. and only up to 5 “Best Friends”, including your spouse that you keep in your holiest of holies. Even if you can have your spouse as your best friend, you still need a friend of the same sex that you can talk to. Keep this group small, those few people that you can trust your heart and your secrets to.
    With this model, I have learned to vary the information and the openness I share with different people. I protect my marriage, my family, my future and myself this way.

  3. That’s a good way to think about it and I totally agree as much as my hubby is my best friend – it’s not the same as sisterhood.

    We woman do need each other, we can listen to each other and not have that urge to “fix” the “problem”. Men generally try to solve the issue when really all we wanted was for them to hear us talk!

  4. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my site today tho I have NO idea how you found me!! 🙂 I like yours…I’ll be back. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for your comment about my husband’s article. You had asked about linking to it…absolutely! :O)

    Love and God’s Blessings,

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