Well today was an interesting day at church to say the least. This whole week has been quite the “comedy of errors” leading up to this day.

Not only was my hubby gone (camping in the wilderness with our oldest in -35C weather) but he took with him our church Congo player and back up guitar / worship leader.

Along with them gone… it happens to be Chinese New Year this weekend and our drummer and main worship leader are always off (which my hubby forgot about when he booked the yurt) in Toronto to celebrate with his wife’s family.

On top of that… our electric guitar player is still on holidays in Florida with his dad. Do you get a good picture of who was left on the stage for praise and worship time? Our piano player! Who is awesome — thanks Shar — but we have to coax her to sing while she’s playing. It does require some serious skill and concentration to be able to do both. Plus it leaves you in a vulnerable position… if it wasn’t for her though… it would have been REALLY bad, she can at least sing and has a good voice!!

So there I am up at the front with the mic — let me mention that I – DON’T – SING! It’s not that I don’t like to, I pray that I’ll get that gift all the time, but it is that I can’t easily find the right key and actually stay in it!! My sister Lala got most of the family talents.

The first song we bombed on, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the tune – and I picked the song. We threw that one away with much laughter around the room. Thank GOD we have a great group of people in our church (and that there were no new visitors), very understanding and awesome people. We also had a couple of the grade 1 girls mic’d as well up front and a lady helping everyone keep on the beat with clapping. That’s hard when there’s no drummer!! It was a very cool dynamic actually.

When we got rolling it wasn’t too bad, I could see a few cringes here and there but I know that God was there and that is THE most important part. We sang Amazing Grace towards the end of the worship time and at the very end added, “Thank God” over and over again. I began to weep. I couldn’t sing much more. I was just so grateful; His love is SOOOO amazing!

So this morning I continued our series on Grace and took the opportunity to explain what the purpose of the Law was and still is for today. It is to point out the sin to sinners. The law was designed to point out our faults, our guilt and our weaknesses.

But I will explain more of that in another post.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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