I said I wasn’t going to go on the computer this weekend — in a count that I have company ‘n all… 😉 Most of the extended family have gone home, just one of my hubby’s sister is here with her family right now and the boys have gone to an afternoon movie.

We’ve had a good time with family this weekend. Last night after all the birthday festivities we were joking around with Dad that we could have and should have just married him and his lady friend last night!! We had all the family there and we even had tons of food — what else do you need? When you’re 75 — who has time to waste??!! We all had a good chuckle ~ it won’t be long until the wedding date.

We bought Dad a Nikon Digital Camera for his birthday present. In days gone by he had a hobby as a wedding photographer and still to this day loves to take pictures. He always has his camera out. He loves his new toy — now we’ll have to get him a computer to go with it!! P.S. for anyone out there that would still like to contribute to his birthday present — we’d gladly continue to accept donations!!!

My brother-in-law (my hubby’s oldest sister’s hubby) is a pastor of a church in West Virginia and whenever they are able to make it up here, my hubby likes to have T.S. speak. It used to be more often in years gone by but we still appreciate the time they do spend with us up here. Today was no exception. T.S. spoke and it was awesome. He is a good preacher, gets very excited about the Word and what God is doing in the church today. Lots of “Amen” and “Yup – that’s right!” were heard across the room. I spent a lot of the sermon on the back couch with little Li as he was still not feeling good and had a fever but I caught most of it.

I’ll give you just the gist of it and share more later on. He talked on God being a covering God and that is so hard to explain in a couple of sentences but oh so awesome all at the same time. Being clothed spiritually, He doesn’t like to see us n*ked and we shouldn’t stand to see others n*ked either. The spiritual kind, having the covering of the Holy Spirit… don’t get any weird ideas here. (I had to insert something instead of an A – I don’t want to have any strange googlers!!)

That’s it for now ~ it’s time to go back and chit chat with the fam!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I love good family time. And there is ALWAYS good food when big groups of families get together. That ALWAYS rocks!! I am glad that you cleared up the whole seeing people naked thing. My mind was starting to wonder. 🙂 HA.

  2. It’s hard to stay off the computer, huh? LOL! It sounds like a great sermon. And WOOHOO for “dad” – great gift!

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