Today at the church is a giant birthday party for my father-in-law. He turns 75 on Tuesday. All the family is down and up for the weekend to help him celebrate. Last night in my house we had an extra 11 people sleeping here (7 of which are teenagers!!)… that’s on top of the usual 9 people who live here on a regular basis!!!

This morning we’re all rushing around getting the last minute things done. It should be a good day. After the party my in-law extended family is getting together for dinner. Kind of a reunion / birthday party. My in-law side of the family is huge. My hubby has 4 other siblings, which have produced 14 grandchildren – my father-in-law has 6 other siblings and they each have a massive number of offspring. If everybody showed up at the same place it would be a convention!!

I’ll be quiet on the computer for the rest of their stay. There’s a lot of people here to chat with!!

p.s. For those who have been keeping up with my f-i-l’s love life…. the wedding date is set for April 28th — this year!!!!

My dad is on the left and my f-i-l is on the right.


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  1. 9 people live in your house? That is a whole lot of people!! Happy Birthday to your fil. It sounds like it is going to HIS year!

  2. U need to tell them what it was like growing up – 4 sisters, 1 foster teenage girl, one teenage boy from the Saskatchewan(with zits) then a few others that would come and go – and 1 bathroom for you all.

  3. A Big West Coast Happy Birthday John. Sorry we cannot be there to add to the numbers. Hopefully we’ll see you at the Coast on your honeymoon.
    Dwayne and Sharon

  4. Happy Birthday to John! Sorry we can’t make it, we’re already booked
    for a Missions Dinner at my sister’s church.
    Have a great time, talk to you when you’re not so busy.

  5. happy birthday to John! what a year this is for him! I can’t wait to see pics from the BIG day!

  6. Happy Bday to your FIL! I hope he has a great day!

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