It’s Saturday! My hubby should be home sometime this evening. He’s been gone since last Monday. I’ve had the kids to myself – while I’ve continued to work at the Credit Union (20hrs) and during this time… besides me putting my back out last Saturday night and being stiff and sore all week long… Jake had a temperature of 41.3C (that’s over 105F) at the doctor’s office on Tuesday and then seemed to get better… the doc said it was only an ear infection and some kind of virus that would work it’s way out… Thursday he started vomiting… all over the kitchen table, floor and me and now we’ve moved into the diarrhea stage. It’s been a fun week!!!

I had a bit of relief last night. I wandered over to our neighbours house where they were sitting on the front porch with another couple from across the street. Spring has finally arrived by the way. No more mitts or tukes are needed. The grass is turning green and the trees are starting to bud, the tips of the tulips are breaking through the ground and there’s rabbit poop on my front lawn… It seems like a rather late start to spring if you ask me but I’m just glad it’s here! Anyway… back to my night.

I haven’t had much adult interaction this week so I plopped myself down on their stoop and joined them in a glass of wine. It was a lovely evening. It seems like us Eastern Canadians hibernate during the winter months – socially I mean. We come and go – racing from our vehicles into our homes to escape the brutal cold. We occasionally wave as we’re running but that’s about it. It was nice to sit and chat. So nice in fact that I ended up schlepping sleeping kids home because the next thing I knew it was nearing 11pm.

I’m supposed to be at the church right now. It’s Spring Cleaning Day but now with the hyperactivity of Jake’s butt…. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere fast. I’m just glad that my hubby is coming home today and the end of sole parenting is near!!


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  1. I’m so glad that spring has finally arrived too…and that we can finally open some windows and let some fresh air in.

  2. I have to open my windows… Jake had his diaper off for a few seconds and splat! Yah, a real fun mess to clean up – maybe it’s a good thing our room isn’t carpeted yet!!

  3. Wish I didn’t read this before I made breakfast…

    I agree about the hibernation thing… I see my neigbours mostly in passing all winter long and then when Spring comes we spend days catching up. I’ve said hello to just about everyone now, just a few “bears” still indoors.

    Today should bring everyone out, I can hardly wait to get outside….

    See you later at the bridal shower!

  4. ohhh poor little baby! hope he is well soon! and sounds like a great evening with neighbors, we have been doing that all weekend…visiting feeding people sitting around our camp/home fire!

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