I went to the hair salon for my appointment at 9am this morning and while I was there I read the latest People magazine (an easy read when under the dryer) about the Minister’s wife who shot him in the back.

I am a Minister’s wife. It is not easy in the least and less people understand than should. I know that a lot of what a small box on the second page of the article wrote was true. Living in a glass house, always being examined or compared to. Having unrealistic expectations put upon us or when we make mistakes – being critized more heavily than another. I’m human. I make mistakes. God hasn’t required me (or my hubby) to be perfect ~ just loyal, faithful and always teachable…

My hubby doesn’t treat me like a hood ornament in or out of the church. He recognizes that God has called me as much as him to this life. I am to support him and pray for him and he is likewise to open his hand to help me rise up to the woman God called me to be. It is a partnership in the true sense of the word. A team.

Many years ago I related very much with this lady, Mary. I had been hurt so badly by people in the church that I vowed never to let anyone get close to me again but that’s not what God wanted. Me to be alone. (Did you know that they actually tell Pastor’s not to get too close to the sheep in Bible College?!!!) That is where danger sets in. Where a Minister’s wife can get to the point of frustration that she does the unthinkable.

The last few years have been the best I must admit. Our church has matured (we’ve matured) and is now full of incredible people who understand that I am human. I have true friends that I can confide in and trust won’t gossip about me. They respect me and the calling on our life (my hubby and me). They don’t get offended easily and we communicate quickly and work things out fast if it does happen. We don’t give up on each other – our relationships work both ways. It is great to be surrounded by so much love and so much support!

(I’ll finish this when JZ stops screaming, he just woke up from a nap…)


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. thank you so much for stopping by and for you words of grace, wisdom, and encouragement. as you’ve seen, the past month hasn’t been the greatest, but with His love, we have come this far and will continue to walk His path.

    many blessings, my dear friend!

  2. ya I can’t imagine being under the microscope all the time…..I wouldn’t fair too well

    glad that you and Dave have grown so much and your church is showing the fruit of that

  3. Hey Shash,

    I think that the change in us, as a church, is directly related to you guys as a team. We have awesome leaders to follow who are willing to let us see that they are human and are constantly wanting to learn as well. As someone who has been there for 11 years now, I can honestly say that the change that has happened has been so amazing, and for us to have the opportunity to have leaders like you guys is pretty amazing too.

    I hope you know how much you guys and your family are loved by our family, and pretty much everyone else. You guys are irreplaceable.

    There, my sappiness is done for now!!!

  4. When I see my pastors wives I try to act my best:) I would never put them under me for any reason I think they are great women all three and I am even friends with one. She does not judge me even though I am not so commited to religion as she is. I believe in God and I believe Jesus died for our sins. My problem is commiting to the christain life:( I pray and I try to be a good person I just don’t make it to church like I should and put my worries in Gods hands. My friend who is the wife of the pastor at the church I sometime attend always listens and does not judge me and I love her for that:)

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