Today in service we continued our walk through the book of Matthew, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5).

What does “meek” mean to you?

Meek does not mean weak! This verse is talking about those who are humble, gentle and kind. Showing patience. Not a push over, wimpy or weak. People like Moses and King David. Those who have stared difficult situations in the face and didn’t flinch.

Read Numbers 12. Moses authority was challenged by his very own siblings. He responded to what happened to Miriam by pleading for her life. This man is a great example of how a leader in God’s kingdom reacts to challenges from people. Whenever someone reacts harshly and not meekly (humbly) it tells us something about their security. Moses was secure! He knew who had called him to do what he did and no one could take that away. He didn’t feel threatened by Aaron or Miriam ~ he felt genuine sorrow for them.

The second person mentioned was King David. When both Saul and then later Absalom, his own flesh and blood – his son, where busy chasing him down, David could have taken things into his own hands but he didn’t. He waited on God to give him the throne and then waited on God later to restore him back to the throne. How did David respond each time when he heard about the deaths of Saul (1 Samuel 22-27) and Absalom (2 Samuel 15-19)? He didn’t celebrate… he wept, he mourned!

David and Moses could both walk humbly because they were secure in God’s call for them. Neither of them defined themselves by their position but by their relationship. Their security didn’t come from what they did but from the One who sent them to do what they did.

A good definition of humility is that “we can be vulnerable without being weak because we know that our strength comes from God’s grace”. Meekness (humility) is a kingdom attitude that will allow you to go into all the world and build God’s kingdom for His glory.

If we want to walk in the inheritance that God has for us then we must be secure in Him (and not try and derive our security from what we do).


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Just a preaching Woman… . .
    Family – once as a child I fell into line,till the teen years when I fell out of line. I had discovered a mind of my own, trying hard to find it I would roam. Wandering as lost but a mom who never gave up her love for her son. Love drew me home.

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