Thirteen Authors / Speakers (preaching style) Shash Enjoys!

I’ve been thinking about this list for a while now and this list should give you a better insight into who I am, how I was raised and what I stand for (in no particular order).

1. Dale H Burke (especially the book, “Different by Design” book on marriage) 2. Joyce Meyer (just name a book or tape series and it’s awesome)3. Kenneth Copeland (I’ve known him since I was around 7 yrs old, think what you may – he is a man of integrity!)4. Denise Mira (she’s the mom of 5 incredible men of God who are strong in the Lord and who all serve in one capacity or another in the church she’s also an incredible speaker and an incredible friend)5. John C Maxwell (if you ever want to learn anything about leadership, leading and teamwork!)6. Creflo A Dollar (he’s more than just charismatic!)7. Rob Rufus (if you read my blog — you’ll know why, if you want to learn anything about Grace… you’ve met your teacher!)8. James MacDonald (I’ve learned some great life lessons and points from this man!)9. Kenneth E. Hagin (he did more than start a great Bible college, here was a great man of Faith!)10. A.W. Tozer (some good nuggets here…)11. Dudley Daniel (do you want to know how to “do church” the New Testament way?? You’ve found your teacher, apostle and author!)12. If I list my hubby as a great speaker will you think I’m partial?? Well – he is and I really enjoy listening to him preach.13. The Amplified version of the Bible.
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I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. 2,8,10, and 13 ive heard of all these, but not the rest. Ill have to check some of them out.
    happy tt.

  2. I was able to catch John Maxwell lectures on Leadership here in Manila. He is a powerful speaker, fact is our office distributed his 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader book to all the managers. That’s how convincing J. Maxwell is. πŸ™‚

  3. Hubby used to work for Family Christian Stores so I have heard of a lot of those..Im glad you are such a cheerleader for your husband..he is blessed

  4. Interesting idea. I’ve been thinking of doing a Thursday Thirteen…but I’ve been unable to come up with 13 anything.
    I do really enjoy Denise’s teaching…and of course #12 too.

  5. You forgot me!! : )

  6. I can’t wait for the parenting seminar with Denise coming up.

  7. I haven’t seen a widget wizard – but I’m going to go check it out!!

    I may have to start doing a thursday thirteen.. I’m starting to get BB.

  8. 13 things
    1. had zits on my face
    2. other strang things were happening with my body
    3.bought a new bike – with streamers, and a light. it was a 3 speed “Glider” with foot brakes – bought at Eaton’s. Don’t remember what I paid for it.
    4. started to buy my own clothes
    5. got a job that summer delivering telegrams
    6. my Mom got married
    7. the last year I had to share the bed with my Mom
    8. we moved to the house my step father had.
    9. got my very own room fro the first time.
    10. 2nd house I lived in and the first one with a real bath tub ( the first house was very small with a dug out basement. We has an outdoor toilet and an outdoor water hand pump with another hand pump in the kitchen, my uncle installed a toilet and shower in the basement when I was 9yrs. We shared this area with huge daddy long legs and some mice.
    11. made new friends in the new neighbourhood and one who remains a friend to date.
    12. played hockey at teh local community outsoor rink and was made Captain. we played outdoor rinks with games cancelled only when the temp reached 20 below zero.
    13. had my real first real girl friend and could be the first time I really kissed a girl and was kissed back on the lips –

  9. I apologize for the spelling mistakes in my earlier comment. Also my title should have been
    My 13th Year.
    Do you remember your 13th

  10. K, Dad (Papa) — I really can help you get your own blog!!!! I know that there are a few of my readers that would enjoy it if you did.

    Happy Easter! Enjoy the weekend in Lala’s World πŸ˜‰

  11. I highly recommend books and the Bible study books by E.W.Kenyon
    check out his web site for info and testimonies

  12. Hi Sashi
    Rena nd Elaine arrived this morning.
    Jason fixed a wonderful breakfst and now lunch.
    Blessings to you and family
    Hello to the Church at NewSong

  13. I’ll get LaLa to help set up the BLog

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