Last night – with 4 other girlfriends in tow, we put our little ones into their beds and snuck out of our houses to see the late night showing of, “Premonition” staring Sandra Bullock.

It was a good suspenseful movie with lots of twists and turns. All of us were shouting at the screen at one point or another during the film.

It brought up some good discussions afterwards. How much deja vu is much like this movie? Have you ever had those moments where you know you’ve been there before? Know you’ve said or done that already?

I also know that people have been warned in their dreams not to go on their flights and something tragic happens to the plane. I know that there were people who did not go into work the day of 9/11 because they were stopped in one way or another from going in. I know that God talks to all of us — but it’s those who listen that hear His voice. Only God knows our future, He is the only one who can show us what is to come.

I like that the movie didn’t put the typical “Hollywood” spin on it. They didn’t turn it into a longer version of some psychic drama that are so popular on TV these days.

Overall I enjoyed the film. Have you seen it yet? What did you think? What do you think about this type of phenomenon?


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  1. We saw it and found it OK. Something we should exercise our senses to is listening to the Holy Spirit usually speaking to us through our inner person. That small voice that comes from within. He said He would show us things to come.
    Will share on my blog in the near future testimonies of just that.
    set up Blog today

  2. Thanks for the review. I’ve been thinking about seeing it, but was afraid it would be a horror movie or something.

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