Yesterday was a long long day! I went to work as per usual but left early to catch a flight with Jake to go out west to surprise my baby sister for her birthday.

Getting to the airport was no problem although my hubby who hates to be late for anything was in a panic and was pushing pushing pushing me to rush from the parking lot to the check in lines. P.s. I was so “on time” if not early that we browsed shops for over an hour on the other side of the security check point…. hmmm. Needless to say – in all my rushing… I forgot to grab the bag of food for the two of us to eat while on board (you’d think a 5 hour flight would have meals included!!) and I forgot his sippy cup. Memories came flooding back from the time I flew with 3 kids under 4 years of age and I “choose” to wean my daughter from her bubba… ya – we can’t all be wizards!! So the airport really needs to start selling more usable products like bottles and sippy cups to say the least.

The flight started off a little rough — until the Gravol kicked in that is. For 3 hours he slept so wonderfully peazzzful – it was heaven and I’m sure all the passengers around me appreciated it just as much! 🙂 The last two hours were interesting. We ran a marathon up and down the aisles. The flight attendants were very amused…

We managed to make it off the plane in one piece and headed to the luggage pick up point. I stood there staring at all the bags. Remind me not to buy another large black suitcase!! So there I stood – watching the bags go round ‘n round – flipping almost every giant black suitcase in sight. Nothing. No bag. Great! This has happened once before flying into Buffalo this past January. Not again! Well… don’t worry ’cause my suitcase is NAVY BLUE! I don’t know when it changed colour but it did… remind me to buy a lime green or hot pink one next time!! K, after feeling really stupid… I found my mom and we were off to their place to load up and head north.

I’ll leave you with that for tonight, it’s after midnight for me (9:19pm est) – Jake seems to have already adjusted — he’s running around here like his pants are on fire!!

Night night everyone, come back for part 2 of my trip back to BC. 🙂


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  1. Oh my goodness – I was thinking, D with a sippy cup??? Then I realized you were talking about J!! LOL. Quite the visual I had in my head.

    What a wonderful surprise! She mentions nothing on her blog about it. Are you there yet? Will you be in my neck of the woods on the way home? Questions questions – answer me!!!!

    Love you.

  2. Oh AWESOME! What a great surprise!
    Sounds like all went well on your flight out. can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

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