I love Saturday mornings. It’s the only day of the week we aren’t running in circles or in all directions. If the kids aren’t sleeping over at friends, it’s the one day a week we’re all together.

Monday to Friday is crazy-town because of obvious reasons… school! We have 4 kids attending 3 different schools. The two oldest leave the house before I even wake up. Sunday mornings I parent alone as Dave leaves the house several hours before we do. As hard as I try, it seems we’re always in a rush to get to church on time…

I am a champion for making sure we eat dinner together but it’s super extra special when we can have breakfast together. I love starting off the day in the kitchen WITH my kids.

I can thank my parents for this.

They made sure once a week we had a special breakfast together. I have fond memories of my dad making blueberry pancakes, waffles with whip cream and fresh blackberries from our yard, or my mom making her favourite breakfast meal… poached eggs over medium with a side of rye toast and marmalade.

Today the kids wanted French Toast, my all-time favourite breakfast meal. You want to know what the even more awesome part was… sitting back to watch them make it all on their own.

The perks of raising my kids to be comfortable in the kitchen.

After breakfast is complete, the chaos begins. If it isn’t volleyball practice/games, it’s play dates, homework, or birthday parties. Today we had all of the above. 

I’ll take every minute I can get with my kids. 🙂

For the best Saturday Morning French Toast, you’re gonna need:
4 eggs (beaten)
2/3 cup of milk
1/4 tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp of vanilla
8 slices of bread

Maple Syrup
Yoghurt (optional) 

The secret to a good french toast… yes, is using cinnamon and vanilla,
but it’s also important to use a good bread. Our family loves Villaggio
Bread, we have for years. It’s so good and fluffy as Jake says. It also
soaks up the egg mixture very, very well. 

Dip each side of the bread into the egg mixture, making sure slice is fully covered.  

Melt some butter in a pan, cook on medium-high heat. Be careful not to let the egg burn. Turn over when the bread has turned a medium to dark brown.

Serve hot with butter, maple syrup or as our daughter likes it… with a side of plain yoghurt. She is allergic to Maple Syrup, this is how my parents serve it in their restaurant, she dips her french toast into the yoghurt.


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  1. I can attest to the fact that your kids make mean sandwiches, would love to try their brekkies!

  2. your kids are smart enough.. 🙂 lovely boys.

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