We spent the weekend in our friend’s pool and my little Li Li (who will be 5 in another month!) made huge advances over his fear of “sinking”, that’s how he referrs to swimming…

He’s been leery for a while now and even up at my sister-in-law’s place a few weeks ago he was scared to go into the water and when he finally did with the help of his cousin (thanks Mels) he came out afterwards and said to her, “I survived!”. He wasn’t joking around – he really thought he wouldn’t make it.

So when we went to our friend’s place I put the life jacket on him right away. By the end of our swim time – he was leaping off the sides of the pool into the shallow end and finally – for some ice cream – he jumped off the diving board into the deep end (with his jacket on). That’s huge for him. He was so proud of himself – he ended up jumping off tons of times, earning ice creams for the rest of us he said.

On Sunday he was a whole new kid. Full of confidence. He swam a ton with his jacket on and jumped in the pool over and over again – we didn’t even need to be within arms reach. He surprised us one step further… he took off his jacket and jumped in and swam to my hubby. Soon he was jumping in and swimming to the side of the pool and then he was swimming from end to end across the shallow portion of the pool.

Good going my little man. Momma’s real proud of you!!


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  1. Way to go Liam!!!!! Aunt Pauline

  2. Boy you sure know how to learn quick – must have gotten it from your PaPa. You can show me a thing or two.
    Love PaPa

  3. You just need daddy to teach him how to jump into floating rings…

  4. yeah li li. Thomas wouldn’t even get his head wet at the age. Second child was totally different.

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