I think that word had been given a bad rap over the last few decades.

I keep mentioning to friends and family (within and outside of the church), that I’d love to live in a commune and some look at me like I placed the giant words, “CULT” above my eyebrows.

Almost a decade ago I saw a show on a group of families that lived in BC, in what they called a commune – it wasn’t a religious group either! It intrigued me greatly. I loved the idea of not only the closeness but the help! The building happened to be a four-plex with a centre courtyard. The families didn’t know each other when they moved in but they quickly became friends and eventually like family. They took turns preparing meals, looking after children, and even shared a couple cars. The centre courtyard became a community garden. They had little to no stress!

This is the idea of a commune that I like. A commune is simply a close-knit, intentional community where resources are shared. If you were green, you’d call this an eco-village and if I called it that… maybe people wouldn’t look cross-eyed at me!

I currently share a house with my in-law’s but we only share the cost of the mortgage payment and the utilities. If I have the chance again in the future… I’d build or buy something like that 4-plex that I saw with 3 or 4 other families and live “green”.

Think of the money you’d save! Sharing food, babysitting, vehicles, etc!!!


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  1. haha!

    I can understand the vision of such a close knit community and sharing resources and I agree that people need to think outside the box and beyond the needs of their own families. Yet I think the idea of a commune also evokes many romantic notions and I think a families privacy is also important and would be invaded too much.

  2. I think just like in any relationship boundaries should still be respected, I definitely agree about privacy issues.

    I wouldn’t want to meld so much that I lost my own identity or my children lost what being part of my family brings.

  3. I’ve thought a lot lately about community living…especially with how much things are costing and will still continue to go up.

  4. I would love it too!! bring it on!

  5. I’ve thought a lot about this too.

  6. I think I’m one of the ones that have looked cross-eyed at you when you’ve mentioned this. 🙂
    I understand sharing resources and stuff…I just wonder if people would get too stuck in their surroundings (socializing only with those there) and not go beyond their home. I guess that happens when it’s large…a 4 plex would work.

  7. Dave and I talked about this the entire way to Niagara yesterday. We both love the idea of building something “green”. With solar panels, concrete forms, tankless water heaters, cork flooring and other renewal resources.

    We thought that 5 acres would be a great start for at least 4 – 6 units with a centre court and a pool of course.

    He then started dreaming bigger and soon Yurts were being added for those who needed help on a short-term basis, then a barn with horses and chickens and a community centre with a fireplace for larger parties. Then it ended up being about the size of a village or town…. 🙂

  8. isn’t it fun when you dream together!!
    I totally get cheri’s point…I think it would be easy not to go out of the “Village”..ever see that movie..so much of me thought wow I could do that! but it would have to be done without walls!

  9. I thought of that too, also being sure of who you live with – I couldn’t live with just anyone, not that I’m picky… but.

    I think growing into a self-service community could be too much isolation, which is something I’m not interested in, at all. I’m far too social of a person for that.

    I just like the idea of sharing expenses and resources especially with the high cost of everything these days – imagine what it’ll be like in 5 or even 10 years.

  10. A family in our church are building a place like this with the husband’s parents and sister.

    See http://www.illabundavillage.com.au/

    It’s starting to come together, and it’s overwhelming and inspiring to hear them talk about how hard they’ve worked to get this far.

  11. I love the ideas to live green and share resources but wouldn’t going as far as a commune be like living in a bubble with only like minded people?

  12. I was thinking along the lines of those who valued this same kind of living, not those who would abuse the others with taking and not giving. Those who would appreciate and honour each other.

  13. I guess our North American mindset is much too inward minded and on the extreme side of independent when it comes to our families.

  14. Jason and I had a Shaklee booth in a community that is trying to accomplish what you are dreaming about, here in PA. 🙂 They are a green community with solar panel houses, they want to eventually have there own community garden, they have a farm house were they hold community dinners etc. They even have there own christmas tree farm on the land.


    It sounds like a fun and interesting way to live, but I can also see how people would think cult or something along those lines till they get a better understanding of these types of communities. Of course I also think unless you started the community yourself or fully trust the person who did you should watch and be careful about just joining a community like this randomly, but I’m sure thats not new news. lol Anyways maybe you guys should start a community like that in KW? That would be cool! You and Dave would be great at it!!!

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