So… I haven’t had any coffee since Saturday (at home, thank God there’s a Timmy’s across the street from Church!!). I know you don’t feel sorry for me but it is a serious problem to me. All other coffee addicts out there say “Yea!!”. Every pot I made tasted disgusting and I immediately spat it out in the sink (and my hubby wonders why I’ve been so grumpy!!). It tasted tin like, salty, bitter! I’m being poisoned! I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

I went through a can of Tim Hortons and another one from Nabob. I thought maybe one of the coffees had gone bad. Is that even possible?! I put vinegar through the machine and put in a new filter and then was about to throw the whole thing out. Perhaps then it was my water softener water… so I went through major bottles of spring water. Still tasted like poison!!

Tonight I had the ladies from church over for a family-style dinner (i.e “pot-luck” but I grew up not being allowed to say “luck” or anything associated with the word… long store but if you grew up in church… chances are you experienced it too!) Anyway!!! So tonight I thought I’d take my chances, I have to be a good host after all. 🙂 I replaced the permanent filter that was in the machine with a new one and made coffee again. Two of the ladies had coffee and said it was fine, I thought “Hurray!! My problem is fixed”.

I quickly made myself a double double (two sugar / two cream), since I’ve been going through serious withdrawal, but had to quickly spit it out in the sink. Now I’m thinking in my head, “How can these ladies drink this stuff??!!”. I went upstairs to my in-law’s kitchen and got their machine and made more coffee. I made myself another double double and took a sip and again had to spit it out! I asked one of my friends to do a taste test of the coffee in my cup, by this point I’m sure I’m going insane or my taste buds have died, the other ladies are drinking their coffees with no issues what-so-ever. My friend quickly spat the bit of coffee she had sipped from my cup into the sink. AH-HA I’m not insane!! But the other 2 are still drinking theirs….

Another of the ladies at the dinner table says, “Did you mix the salt with the sugar?”

Then the memories come flooding back!!

On Friday night while I was unpacking all the food we took to the cottage, there was a small plastic container of white “sugar” like substance. Since I was running low on sugar I added what was in the container into the sugar bowl. I did take notice that the colours were different, the new one was so much whiter than what was already in the bowl, but deduced that they must be two different brands. DUH!! I added SALT to the SUGAR and it took me 4 days to figure it out!!! Had the ladies not been over tonight, the coffee machine would have been in the garbage by morning!!! Thank you T!!!!

P.S. The other ladies who drink coffee…. don’t take sugar in it.

So here I wasted 2 cans of coffee and nearly a jug of 18% cream, man that stuff is expensive!! It was a humbling moment for sure… :tongue:

So tomorrow morning, I’m getting up with the kids and making myself a nice, hot pot of :span class=


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  1. That was funny. Last night your insistant comments that the coffee was bad was making me think that my sugarless coffee tasted a little tainted.
    As a kid…I filled the pepper shaker a few times with poultry seasoning…

  2. I remember switching the sugar with salt for an April Fools at home when I was 10 or 11. I seriously started to think my taste buds were going 🙂

    I’m enjoying a nice, hot cup of coffee right now.

  3. That is so funny! Thanks for the morning laugh!

  4. Crying about the wasted coffe and laughing too.

  5. so I take it your coffee making ability is no longer in question. I’m just glad it wasn’t your Tasimo, that would have cost alot more than cream and water.


  6. Thanks for the laugh at your expense! lol

  7. Now I know why my guests on Sunday night didn’t finish their tea!!

  8. Haha, that was so funny…I would have thought my kids were playing a joke, we get that a lot!! Anyhow, glad you are enjoying your coffee again!! and glad you blogged it;-)

  9. Oh my…you served your guest the salt/sugar mix as well?
    The look on your face last night was priceless when you realized what you have done.

  10. That is SO funny! I love stories of how something that simple becomes such a quandry. hehehe

    I thought you were going to say you were preggers! Whenever I was first pregnant, coffee smelled like tuna fish. I couldn’t stand it.

  11. Trust me Crickl… that thought DID cross my mind (but I never wanted to say it out loud)!!

  12. I really love the little aside about how you weren’t allowed to say potluck when you were growing up. And it’s so nice you solved the mystery of the bad coffee. I would be suffering if I had to go for four days without.

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