When holidays fall on a Sunday… it’s never been a hub-bub of a day. My husband is usually gone by the time I get out of bed. He leaves early to have a cup of tea at his local hangout before heading to the church to have some quiet time before he preaches.

When we were brand new parents, I complained about him not making a big deal of the day, he said, “But you’re not my Mother”. He didn’t quite get the concept at first that Q couldn’t make it a big deal for me, after all… he was only 7 months old.

Over the last 11 years, he’s surprised me on a few occasions.

Yesterday he was up before me, like usual, but this time he stayed home to make me breakfast. I brought home with me from my trip to BC, a couple of baked items. OK, it was a suitcase full — I couldn’t help myself, my parents have an incredible bakery!! We had 1 loaf of the Roadhouse’s famous Raisin Bread left and so he took it and hollowed it out, made a peach, kiwi, mango chutney and then rolled it in egg and made a French Toast loaf out of it. It was so yummy! I ate it so quickly – before I realized that I should have taken a picture of the moment!

Then my kids surprised me with the things they made in school for me. I get a lot of paper crafts from school, 4 in the same elementary school… I have come up with some pretty creative ways to reuse and store all their amazing art treasures. My Missy made a wonderful gift this year. A clay pot. She did a spectacular job on it, don’t you think?! From my boys, hubby picked up a jumbo word search book (one of my favourite past-times) a hard cover journal, and a bunch of hot pink roses. My oldest boy hopped the fence to pick some fresh wild flowers from the forest behind our house. He was aiming for the wild Lilac bushes but they were too high for him.

I cleaned up the kitchen mess and then we were off to church (can’t have everything…)! 🙂

My hubby managed to make it to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and picked up bunches of flowers for the mom’s in the church that he handed out after the service was over. He went all out! It wasn’t just a single carnation or rose for each but an actual, cellophane bunch of flowers! Some were tulips, some roses, some gerber daisies and then some garden mixes. It was an incredible array of colour!

Then after the service we went to a Steakhouse for Mother’s Day Brunch with another couple from the church and then home for a quick nap before hubby had to head back to the church for the evening Youth service. It was a typical busy day for us.

What did you do for Mother’s Day?!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. My guys took me to town shopping and out to eat Sat. night, then Sunday was spent with my mom, and then I napped on the couch for a while. LOL it was great!

    Glad your Mother's Day was great, too. I'm drooling over those pastries! YUM!

  2. Thanks for stopping by with such great advice on my blog! I will definitely be using your suggestions!

    As for us, Mother's Day began with a rough night of being sick for me. The only thing worse than blowing your nose all night is blowing your sunburnt nose all night. I'm thankful for a sweet hubby who made me breakfast in bed, made sure the kiddos were ready for church, and let me have the extra time I needed to go from a disaster area to something he could take out in public! ha ha

    We went to Buckhead Church, and then lunch at one of our favorite spots. After lunch, the kids (who can stay home now without a babysitter–hallelujah) gave us the gift of an afternoon date. So hubby and I went to a movie and got to enjoy each other's company for a few uninterrupted hours. So nice!

  3. Hooray for your DH. My husband outdid himself too. TWO bouquets of flowers were delivered (from my kids) and he took us all went out for "Zorba" gourmet pizza (w/ feta.)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. As a fellow Pastor's wife I also have low expectations for events that fall on a Sunday. He did the best he's ever done this year however. I'm learning slowly how to give him space on a Sunday. He sees it as a working day so therefore I need to see it as a normal day too although I find that really hard. Sundays are no longer relaxing for me.

  5. I was checking out another blog that I regularly follow….http://www.heimsoth.blogspot.com/….and she encouraged others to check out your blog. I like it a lot! I will continue to check back for new posts and updates 🙂

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