Thirteen Names for Shash

1. Bonoink (after a trip to Hawaii my whole family back in 1979, we all came home with names starting with a B)

2. Radar Ears (in a house full of girls… there was a lot to listen too!)

3. Monkey Ears (I was born with a little extra cartilage in my ears, at 12 yrs of age I had plastic surgery, you can thank my oldest sis’ boyfriend – now hubby – for this one!)

4. Shashi (my first nephew, who is now 27, couldn’t say my name so he called me “Shashi” – my entire family started calling me this and still do to this day, my sis Lala’s kids still call me auntie shashi…)

5. Shasher (My blogs name sake… my high school friends called me all sorts of names from and including Shashi, but a special thanks to my friend Sara for this one!)

6. Shooshi Shasher (thanks again Sara…) 🙂

7. Shash (all derived from a little boy, over 20 years ago, who couldn’t say my name properly, and all names I am still called today)

8. Mommy Mischuk Shannon Colleen (my youngest is 4, when he’s wanting my attention this is what he calls me – like when I call him by his full name when he’s in trouble… he seems to think it’s my name, it’s a combination of me and my really good friends name)

9. TT (I “developed” over one summer and no one believed me… boys in High School can be cruel)

10. Mama (when my kids want something… they’re good at sucking up)

11. Bud (my hubby called me this when we were dating, before he said he loved me…this was the “like” stage, he says it is because he saw me blossoming)

12. Gopher (we used to spend a lot of time at my uncle’s ranch, one summer I was sent to get everything, Go-for this, Go-for that)

13. Babe (and not after the pig either… you’ll hear my hubby say this a lot, and I say it to him when I want his attention too)

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I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I've been wanting to make a nicknames t13 but have never gotten around to doing it yet…

    no. 11 sweet, no. 8 cute 🙂

  2. Wow ! you have a lot of names. I think I have not even 3 nicknames with "mom" included.
    One is "Madame Chat" which means Mrs. Cat in french.

  3. I have nicknames…but not many I would admit to in public.

  4. I developed over one summer, too. Luckily for me I moved so no one thought anything of it. I hadn't realized how lucky I was until now.

  5. The first and only nickname I've ever had was when my husband started calling me "beautiful" when we started dating. He still does to this day 🙂

  6. I didn't have nicknames growing up, but I have acquired a few as an adult. Fun list.

  7. Thankfully, my real name doesn't really lend itself to nicknames. Friends at a board I use to frequent christianed me with "Word Dominatrix" because I was "whipping their vocabularies into shape." I shortened it to WordTrix for my blog, from which some friends call me Trix or Trixi.

  8. Hmm. Now you have me thinking about all the nicknames I've had. Happy TT!

  9. I think I'm glad I don't have any nicknames. 🙂

  10. I got to admit I never expected to see gopher on there. Pretty darn unique

  11. Fun list! My dad was always big on calling me nicknames when I was a little girl, but they didn't stick.

  12. That's a lot of nicknames – I don't think I even have one!

  13. Haha, nice nicknames! That's a very long list.

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