My children are the most precious things in my life. 

I can’t even begin to explain or describe how much I love them. Yeah, parenthood is hard work but it is oh so worth it. Each of them are so unique and so special – it’s more than just a Mom’s biased opinion too! 🙂 I could give you reports up the arm from their friend’s parents all the way to their teachers on how they exude integrity, loyalty, kindness and much, much more.

They will capture your hearts for sure!

Jacob is our youngest and even at 5 he’s still my baby. I think your last child, no matter how old they get… will always be your baby. Even though he likes things done his way and right away and can be a bit demanding, his soft heart melts away the grief. He loves to cuddle and is the first to say, “I love you Mommy” or “I’ll miss you Mommy” when I have to go away on business. If he had one word, it would be “Sweetness“!
Liam is our 3rd child and my birthday twin. As he ages, I remain 30! 🙂 He can be our biggest challenge in keeping on task from time to time, but he keeps us laughing with his quick wit and good sense of humour. He is funny! I mean really Fun-ny! He says the oddest things at the perfect time, his execution is flawless. When he finds a good joke book… it’s all we hear for weeks!! He’s also very smart. To me, he shines like a star! If I had to describe him in one word… it would be “Joy“!

Emma is the Princess in the bunch! Her name means, “Nursemaid” and she lives up to it through and through. She is compassionate and befriends everyone she comes into contact with. She looks for opportunities to be generous and nurturing with others. She is also very independent! She knows what she likes from clothes to food and there’s not much I can do to change her mind. Don’t let those pretty looks fool you, she’s a card shark & a fiend on the soccer field! If I had to describe her in one word… it would be, “Graceful“.

Quinton is our oldest and his name {Quinn} means, “Wise One” and he is just that! He is wise beyond his years, not only in academics but also in his soul and with his relationships. He is trustworthy, multi-talented, responsible and caring – basically… excellent at everything he puts his hands to – from athletics to the arts. He loves to play hockey and to sketch, he loves to play volleyball and to write poetry. He is an outdoorsman and a shopper. Best of both worlds in my books! His one word to describe him is, “Leader“.
Don’t you just love these photos?! I do!! They were taken by a dear friend of mine last month in Hamilton, I’ve been trying to decide which ones to blow up and put into a photobook!! I can’t wait to give them away as Christmas presents!!

Thanks to Tyler Johnston from Tyler Dean Photography, a great photographer in the Greater Toronto Area! If you’re interested in more information about his personal work you can email him at – he can also be reached through Mango Studios in Toronto.

p.s. if you take these photos for any reason without asking permission, I will hunt you down!! 🙂 Just sayin…


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. So cute. Reminds me of those black and white photos of kids…yesterday, yesteryear…can't remember what they were called and can't seem to google the answer either.

  2. Shannon your children r just beautiful, I love the way u r so encouraging . It good to read to encourage all of us other mothers to do the same!!!!! Thanx Kelly.

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