I’ve participated in Food Bank drives before, growing up in a family where it was instilled early in life to think of others first and to help where you can. In all those years, I was never introduced to such a group as the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank. Their tag line only gives you a tiny glimpse into the fact that it is truly more than just a food bank! It’s an incredible resource centre for the city of Cambridge, Ontario. They do more than just meet a need, they are helping people become responsible, contributing members of the community.

Their Definition of Self-Help: Self-help refers to self-guided improvement – economically, intellectually, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually.

I was so thrilled to meet with them last week, I was so impressed with their passion and vision for their city. I spent some time walking through and helping Daniel Fathers get familiar with the facility. Daniel picked up some bags to help pack some groceries and played with the cutest little baby boy while his family was picking up some food and clothing. Later in the afternoon, I had my hubby meet us there and we took him through too. Everything they are doing, my hubby and I have done for our community and have wanted to see happen in our community. It was amazing!

The Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank used to support around 700 families a month but this year… they’re supporting over 1,600 families and that’s just the beginning of what they do! They also provide the food for 32 community programs & organizations, like the soup kitchen, Meals on Wheels and Argus House.

Did you know that donations dip really low in the summer months?! When you go away on vacation… don’t forget about those who aren’t going anywhere but hungry!

The needs of low-income families goes far beyond their need for adequate food. I can’t wait to help with their Support Services like:

* Infant Nutrition classes
* Grandparents Support Group (for grandparents raising their grandchildren)
* Backpacks for Bookworms
* Christmas Sponsorship
* Baby Baskets
* Birthday in a Box

to name just a few…

TODAY Thursday, December 23rd from 1-5pm Daniel Fathers is going to help the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank with a food drive. Come on out to the Burns’s Howff (95 Saginaw Parkway in Cambridge) If you come to get an autograph please bring along an item.

Most Needed Food Items:
small peanut butter
canned pasta
pasta sauce
apple juice
powdered milk
canned fruit
canned vegetables
canned beans

If you’re not in our area, find a local community resource group to support in your area. You’ll be glad you did!

If you’re following me on Twitter you’ll know I’ve been tweeting about this a lot. From now until December 31st you can help KRAFT CANADA raise $50,000 for the FOOD BANK. For every FREE e-card sent… KRAFT will send the FOOD BANK $2.


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