I didn’t end up going to the Variety Show but my hubby went and took some pictures for my friend’s portfolio. He came home around 10pm – to a very exhausted wife – and said he had an awesome time. He raved for quite a while about the different talent that performed and about our friend and all that she put together. He was very impressed.

He came home with one of the door prizes, a gift for me he said. It was a basket of hair products and a gift certificate to a hair salon. This is so cool because I’ve been complaining for a while now that I need to re-dye my hair. My brown and grey roots are way too obvious and the fire red that was my hair colour has faded a lot. I think I’ll make the appointment for tomorrow; it would be nice to have a new do for Sunday.

Today is also a better day for JZ. He slept ok – just whimpering and less screaming and this morning he’s back to his babbling self. Although I may look at weaning him… he bite me again! Q is back at school, his head is back to normal size and the bruise is just minor. I’m glad it’s another day!!!!


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  1. I am glad you get to do your hair agin…I always enjoy finding out what your next colour will be!!

    I am also happy that JZ and Q are feeling better.

  2. oh that is great about the door prize
    I won a door prize at the retreat and I won the Easter Basket raffle!!! so YEA for you and yea for me

  3. Well I’m convinced that my 1 year old will be having many goose-eggs on his head this summer. Getting into walking, he still is wobbly and has discoverd the outdoors and thinks its real cool to be outside.

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