Monday was a holiday here ~ It was Family Day!

Not all Provinces participate in this holiday but I’m glad Ontario does! It gives a nice break in the middle of our cold, long Canadian Winters. And seeing as it was a holiday in our house… this is how our family dinner got started!

Three easy ingredients: Laptop, Internet connection &

You just chose what you want and click, it really is that easy.

It must have been a really busy night for Swiss Chalet and their website because in the end, after about 45 minutes of trying to order online, I ended up having to call in our order. The Swiss Chalet operator told me they had about 120 people waiting in the Q. I think since it was a holiday, we were all thinking the very same thing. No cooking for me!! 🙂

Then less than 30 minutes after putting in our order… VOILA!

Dinner is served!

We ordered the Family Meal with 4 quarters, fries, coleslaw, garden salad and rolls. Hubby tacked on a full order of ribs for himself and so I added a slice of pumpkin pie for me.

Now this is my kind of cooking…

With kids this cute… hubby couldn’t keep all his ribs to himself…

Don’t forget the famous Swiss Chalet sauce, good for dipping not only chicken and fries… but fingers too!

What’s your favourite family meal?


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  1. I love Swiss Chalet. Its affordable good food and best of all it usually arrives in less than 30 minutes to my house. We order it so much the delivery guy knows us by name. 🙂

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