Hey there, internet wanderers and personality test aficionados! Shannon here—or should I say Shash? If anyone hollers ‘Shannon’ in my direction, I instantly start sweating, recalling the good ol’ days of getting busted for sneaking out past curfew. Shash is the chill version, the one you want at your trivia night team for her mad guessing skills.

So, what’s with ‘Shasher’? It sounds like a superhero alias, right?! Well, it’s the name I was given in High School by a close friend and one I’ve been parading around the digital streets since 2005. Want the dirt on past me? There’s a little nook of the web for that right here.

Let’s spill the tea on present me, shall we? I’m about to unveil the latest scoop via my most recent personality test results because, you know, nothing screams ‘I’m an open book’ quite like broadcasting your inner psyche on the internet.

Shannon Mischuk

I’ve ticked off personality tests like they’re going out of fashion – for work, for church, for that time, I thought I could become a morning person (spoiler: didn’t happen). It’s a powerful way to understand people’s behaviour and the way they interact with one another. I can honestly say that the results are highly accurate for me!!

ENNEAGRAM: I’m rocking a 9-6, which, in layman’s terms, means I’m the human equivalent of a bean bag – comfy, adaptable, and impossible to ruffle. The 2-7-3 gang follows close behind because I’m also part empath, part energizer bunny, and part self-improvement junkie.

9: The Peacemaker. The Functions of Receptivity and Interpersonal Mediation (25 points)

  • The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent

6: The Loyalist. The Functions of Trust and Perseverance (22 points)

2: The Helper. The Functions of Empathy and Altruism (19 points)

7: The Enthusiast. The Functions of Spontaneity and Diverse Activity (18 points)

3: The Achiever. The Functions of Self-Esteem and Self-Development (17 points)

Two books I’d recommend if you want to learn more about the Enneagram from a faith-view:

CliftonStrengths Finder: My top 5 are Connectedness, Communication, Developer, Belief, Positivity. Surprise! Surprise! These traits are all about making connections and yakking it up – shocking, I know.

How has this helped me with my career?

My current place of employment (Graf-Martin Communications) quickly recognized that digital advertising, SEO work, etc., stuff that I had been doing for over a decade (at other places), wasn’t filling my cup… I understand the work – I get the job done… but I wasn’t thriving. I wasn’t working out of my strengths. When the PR and Community Manager position became available, it was obvious to my boss and co-workers that it would be a much better fit.

My relationship-building game is strong – it’s what makes me a PR ninja. I’m all about that spark, bringing people together, and turning Monday morning meetings into a low-key fiesta.

I completed this next personality test for our church back when hashtags were just a pound sign. All I remember from it is this… some people love to stack the chairs after church, and they do so because it needs to be done. Then there is me, who loves to stack the chairs because a group of people will be doing it together, and I’ll get to socialize with them while we do it. They have the same job and the same outcomes but different drives.

DISC Assessment: I (influence) S (support)

I’m like a walking, talking support group with an infectious laugh.

I’ve found all of these personality tests helped me with self-awareness and self-improvement, and they helped me understand those I work and volunteer with!

Understanding what makes people tick, how they work, and why they work makes for a much more enjoyable and productive environment.

EDITED: I completed another DISC-style profile for work in November 2023. The four areas were “Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.” In my natural/internal style (motivation), I showed a high S, and then I; in my adapted/external style (behaviour), I showed a high I and then S.

It’s been quite the journey of self-discovery. I’m eager to compare notes with you! How did your results resonate with your self-image – did they confirm what you already know, or did they throw you a curveball that left you pondering?


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. You need to do your Myers Briggs too! Also, if I had to guess, I would have guessed you were an Enneagram 9. What wing are you?

    1. My Enneagram came out as 9-6-2. Would one of those be my wing? I’ll have to look at my RHETI results again.

      1. Your wing has to be right beside your main. So your wing needs to be either 1 or 8.

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