Last week we laid to rest my father-in-law. After the funeral was over and we had left the cemetery, we all gathered at our church for a BBQ to continue the celebration of his life.
I’m sure the kind folks at Flashpoint Photobooth thought I was a bit crazy when I phoned to order a Photobooth to a funeral. It was not a request they had received before. But if you knew my hubby’s father at all… you’d know he was smiling down on us, laughing with and AT us that day.

We had an amazing amount of fun and soon our sadness turned to joy. Lots of laughter could be heard as dozens of people made use of this fabulous tension-breaking machine.

Everyone loved it!

From the young & foolish to the wise & yet still foolish!

It was a great tension reliever for the family 
{above are Dad’s oldest (back left) & youngest sister (front left)}

and it helped the siblings {Dad’s kids} laugh & have fun together

I’ve used photobooths at anniversary parties and at wedding receptions but if you have a good sense of humour… I highly recommend them even at a funeral! Thanks to Flashpoint Photobooth for fulfilling my unique request!
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  1. I'll admit, you have to have the right kind of family for this to work, I think. It looks so awesome, and you were brilliant to plan for something like this!! Glad it was an awesome celebration of his life!!!

  2. I love this idea :). Just looking at the pictures made me giggle and cry all at the same time. It is a good way to celebrate when someone passes on after a long, full life.

  3. Ann is going to love you. 😀

  4. Love the photo booth idea! What a great way to celebrate your dad's life!

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