Yesterday was an incredible day!

The church looked like someone was getting married. Everything worked out so beautifully – from the food (which my sister-in-law catered and was totally out of this world!) to the decorations that seemed to come in, out of nowhere in the final hour, to all the Daughters of the King – many in gowns and crowns.

I think what made it even more precious were the hands that worked together to get this done. There are many I could thank for giving of themselves, donating door prizes, setting up and taking down the decorations, serving, and everything else in between. For now, I have to choose only 3 people and will expand on it later (my 3-year-old wants to use the computer…):

Arlene – You blew me away with the treasure hunt for the younger girls, you put a lot of thought into it. Everyone loved watching them run and hunt and score some nice gifts. Thank you for your creativity and willingness to learn and grow and share it with others!

Ruth – You are truly an amazing and faithful friend. You have been there for me through happy and difficult times; others have bailed but not you. Your gifts are being exposed more and more; I have enjoyed being a part of seeing you being stretched and filling in those new shoes nicely. It is seriously my privilege to be able to call you my friend!

Colleen – You are more like a sister to me. A friend who has been there by my side since the day we met. God brought us together and about that, I have NO doubt. You are the first to offer your help and when I think you can’t help anymore… you do. No accolades are needed, and no agenda is attached. You are truly selfless, giving, gracious and trustworthy. Everyone should be blessed with a friend like you!

Here are some more photos:


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  1. aww I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. You know, I really don’t know what my life would have been like without the friends that I have made at the church. Even though I may complain about the stretching, it is something that (secretly) I know I need to do in order to grow. So, thank you for helping me become more…because I really wouldn’t bother otherwise!! (not so secret anymore!!)

  3. aaaaahhhhh…toooo cute! Tea parties aren’t what they used to be! No mud pies and filthy wet teddy bears?

  4. Thanks Shash…. it really did come together, and looked like we had done this event with excellence. It would not have come together without you though. You have a spirit that shines at events like this. Thank you for all your hard work too.
    (Redhead sent this)

  5. why do you keep changing your blog??? you trying to freak me out??

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