It’s been a month since joining the Dempster’s Lunch Box Inspirations team. I am not even 1/4 of the way through the school year with several hundred more lunches needing to be made. Did you read my Herbed Salmon Sandwich recipe where I said I had to make 970 lunches in total?!

Well… let’s see how I’m fairing with the kids!

I asked my kids if they were in charge of the contents of their lunch, what would that look like. My laptop was handed over to them to type out what they’d want, this was not edited in any way.

Quinton {13} had this to say;

  • I would like more variety of sandwiches instead of the regular ham and lettuce and or tacos/pitas/rolls
  • I would like to have a juice box or milk carton to drink instead of the fountain water
  • I would have one sweet or one piece of desert in my lunch
  • Last but not least I would have love to have fruit like pears, strawberries or even a mango once in a while

OUCH!  This is good family therapy… right?!

Looks like I am still lacking in the skills of creative and delicious lunch making abilities.

My dear daughter {11} is up next;

  • Some more fruits like grapes,and strawberries or veggies like peppers, and cucumbers
  • since it’s fall once in awhile i would like some pumpkin pie or apple crisp
  • not the same kind of sandwich every day and sometimes instead of sandwiches some soup or pasta 

I sense a theme developing… and that’s just half of my children!

Liam is nine and this is his request;

  • Tacos, baretos baretos baretos and corn! {he means burritos, he likes Mexican food}

If only your elementary school had a microwave my dear boy, then you could have all the “baretos” you wanted!

This is Jake’s {6} first year in school full-time, besides a sandwich, which he loves, he’d like to see more;

  • Pumpkin Pie, cookies and bubble gum!

I don’t think the gum is going to happen but I do hear them… I need to spend some more time on the Dempster’s Lunch-Box Inspirations website…

How do you get inspired?


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I packed lunches for my oldest daughter when she was in Kindergarten and then packed the lunches for my 2 girls the next year (in grade 1 and kindergarten). I got sick of them not eating their lunches or finding uneaten food in their back packs and so the next year I decided that they could pack their own lunches. I had to heavily supervise for the first 6 months, but after that….I just had to remind them to pack their lunches.

    Now, my kids are in grade 9, 8 and 6 and every night they pack their own lunches. They know the drill:

    1 fruit
    1 veggie
    1 starch snack like crackers/popcorn
    1 protein for the main part of their lunch.
    1 liquid – water typically

    They can add other things, but I encourage them to double up on the fruits or veggies if they might still be hungry.

    It works well for us. They get to choose what they would like to eat which give them more "buy in" as well as they feel a sense of control in their own lives. I also like the fact that it teaches them responsibility.

    And…..really I just hated making lunches, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

  2. Thanks Patti, that's a great idea! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. and I too abhor making lunches….

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