It feels like yesterday I was scrambling with 300 others to get a precious Blissdom Canada ticket. They sold out in under an hour and that was with no information on what this year’s conference would entail. We didn’t know who the speakers would be and no titles for their sessions were listed. We purchased blindly, knowing that Alli, Barbara, Paula & Catherine would not let us down. It’s hard to beleive that was seven months ago!

Blissdom Canada 2011 is NEXT WEEK people!! and with that I can imagine some of you are out there making this face….

If you’ve never been to a blogging/social media/pr conference before, the feeling of anxiousness can be rather daunting as the days get closer and closer.

So I’ve prepared a last minute check list to help you pack. I may not be able to help you with the butterflies in your tummy but I can help point out some helpful tidbits to try to ease the pain.


If you’re flying into Toronto airport, check out this great guide with transportation ideas to Downtown Toronto. Transportation will cost you anywhere from $3 to $30 per person per way. It depends on the way you want to travel.

Chevrolet Canada has been generous in offering a shuttle service from the hotel to the Toronto airport on Sunday, October 16. To sign up for a seat, see the Chevy booth at the conference. *Limited space is available.


The Hilton Toronto charges up to a max of $36 / day for parking. There are green P lots around the neighbourhood that offer open air parking at a lower rate.


This question has probably been asked the most on the #BlissdomCanada twitter feed, which by the way has never left my TweetDeck screen since BDC 2010 🙂 Closely followed by the question about what to wear to the costume party! 

Although you’re not visiting the Queen at Buckingham Palace, you are meeting and mingling with brands and other community groups that could be potential business partners. Also keep in mind that Friday and Saturday are full days, you’ll be sitting a fair bit. Are those pants you really want to bring going to hurt by 3pm?! I don’t know about you but I get belly-bloat around nap time!

Really anything you feel your best in, but keep in mind… this is still business.

  • Leave your couch-comfy sweats behind
  • Be mindful of the Brands represented, watch the slogans/sayings on your T-Shirts

I was comfy in this last year….

Tara’s View of the World & Me

As for the parties….

  • Blissdom Canada kicks off on Thursday at 5pm with an hour long Tweet-Up hosted by the amazing Kathy Buckworth and sponsored by PC Financial. 
  • Just a wee bit later, at 7pm the CBC Reception begins. We will be shuttled from the Hilton Toronto to the CBC building in style, thanks to Chevrolet Canada, in their 2012 Chevy Orlando.
  • Since there isn’t much time between the tweet-up and the reception, maybe getting dressed for the full evening before you hit the Barrister’s Bar in the Lobby of the Hilton Toronto hotel is a good idea. 

Make sure your feet are comfortable, there’s nothing worse than not being able to feel your right middle toe the next day! #justsayin


  • Your ticket
  • Laptop / iPad / Tablet {those aren’t necessarily AND’s but OR’s}
  • Phone 
  • Camera
  • Business Cards
  • A Pen & Paper
  • Power Bar {not the eatable kind… if all the plugs are being used, you can unplug one & plug back in 5!}
  • Power Cords for all your devices
  • An extra bag/case to put all the SWAG into to make it easier to carry home
  • Extra money for tipping the bell hop, the valet parking attendant, cab fare if needed, and those midnight snacks
    • Breakfast & Lunch are provided and some of the events have nibbles for dinner, but come prepared to purchase food if you get hungry

Those are just the basics. Did I miss anything??

* edited: bring Tylenol, eye drops (to fix those red, tired eyes) & bandaids

Don’t sweat the small stuff… oh that reminds me… bring deodorant!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. You are a lifesaver, Shasher! I'm pretty much packed, but guess who forgot deodorant! lol Thanks for being willing to help out us newbies with great posts like this! 🙂

  2. awesome – thanks Shasher! Now I have to find someone with a room to stash all that stuff in!!!!

  3. Packed? What? Who the heck is packed already? Seriously?! I pack like the morning I am leaving or the night beofre at midnight…like the powerbar suggestion. I thought you meant like a Powerbar for working out for a second there. Forehead slap! Bandaids and advil and various other pharmacy items will be topping my list should I get nauseous or headache etc. That is sweet about the Chevy ride to CBC. I don't want to miss one tiny second of it. Yeee!!!


  4. thanks for the list and tips!

  5. love this. thanks so much, I have been stressing over wardrobe lol

  6. Great list – love the tip about bringing a power cord – genius!

  7. Love it Shannon – with 4 kids and a husband I guess you always have to be organized! I will be packing the night before and will forget something – like my jammies 🙂

    Thanks again and can't wait to see you in 1 week!

  8. I've been to a dozen conferences and I've managed to forget my laptop and/or iPad every. single. time in my hotel room.

    I'm about as organized as a toddler.

    Can't wait to see you in TO next week!

  9. Fabulous list, great tips and insights, gotta get going with the packing thing!!
    MommyKat, so happy that you were prompted to get your deodorant packed, as your room mate – I thank you 🙂
    See you all next week…yay!!!!

  10. Yes, powerbar definitely needed! Great suggestion. I found that even being gluten free there was always enough food for me to be able to eat that I didn't go hungry! Extra suitcase is always good! 😉

  11. Yes, powerbar definitely needed! Great suggestion. I found that even being gluten free there was always enough food for me to be able to eat that I didn't go hungry! Extra suitcase is always good! 😉

  12. Phone numbers of those you MUST meet so you can text (cheaper than calling) to meet up.

    Oh and IF you can. I had a on the go charger for my iPhone. I had it fully charged and when my phone was dying while out at the parties last year I plugged in this little thing and it charged my phone right up. No power supply needed.

    The twitter name @noliesplace to tweet everything to her since she will be at home with hopefully a brand new baby in her arms.

  13. Great advice – can't wait! I can't believe it's this week!!

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