Dave is on his annual canoe trip with our oldest son and bunch of other die-hard canoeists. Their ages range from 13 to 74 years old!! Dave’s Uncle Bob, cousin Calvin & his son Graham drove all the way up from Daytona, Florida and his brother-in-law Tim from Fairmont, West Virginia to join in on the fun!  

There’s nothing quite like portaging in Ontario, Canada!

Over the next week, they plan on portaging/canoeing a 120 klm loop through the unspoiled wilderness of Temagami.  {Many areas of this region were made famous by the Group of Seven painters, Franklin Carmichael and Tom Thomson.}

The weather report is calling for cool nights and a few days of rain… I hope they’re able to light a fire even though most of this area is under a strict fire ban. We’ve had a DRY summer!

Dave so looks forward to this time of the year. I swear if he could start a church in the middle of the woods and beside a lake… he would! Hence the dream to one day start his own camp.

He just recently sold his Dad’s heavy Grummon canoe in hopes of being able to purchase his dream Swift ultra-light Winisk canoe. Unfortunately, he was a bit short on the funds this time around but thankfully was able to borrow one of his uncle’s canoe. Canoeing / portaging / camping runs deep and long in his family line. Don’t worry, there’s always next year dear!

I hope you’re having a great time, taking care of our son and staying away from the bears this time!!


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  1. Our kids did this each spring with their father. The dads all got together and did the canoe and portage thing in Algonquin Park for years. What great times they had building memories with their kids and friends. They laid down a heritage that is moving on thru the generations. Wonderful stuff.

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