My Canoe Head is home!!! 

Dave spent the last week in Quetico Provincial Park with a man he had never met in person before! 🙂 K, that just makes me laugh. Now let me explain. 
Tara, from Tara’s View of the World, and I have been online friends for about 4 years now. We live in the same Province but 21 hours apart. That’s a little more than this chickie can “ROAD TRIP!”. We met in an online forum for people just like us, those who sleep with the Pastor. 🙂 In that time, we’ve only been in the same physical location… 5 days. Three days last year at Blissdom Canada and two days so far this year at She’s Connected. THANKFULLY, I get to see her on Wednesday for FIVE days!! Our relationship has pretty much been 100% virtual. K, I digress….  

back to the boys!

Tara’s hubby Doug and my hubby Dave have NEVER EVER met in real life, just the occasion skype HELLO and conversation here and there while they watch the two of us talk and talk and talk and talk.
Tara and I had the BRILLIANT idea to get our hubby’s together. For a little male bonding… a little bromance if you wish! They both like the outdoors, they’re both pastors, and they both love to talk… that’s enough in common for us!
Dave flew up to Thunder Bay last Saturday. The two of them went paddling and portaging, over 80 kilometers, through one of the most beautiful Provincial Parks in all of Canada. No lie, it’s on a list!  The weather was more than perfect, high 20’s each and every day. They wore shorts in October in Northern Ontario!! The lakes were so calm, like glass and the deciduous trees were in full Fall glory.

I’m glad they had a great time but I’m glad he’s home ~ just in time for Turkey! 🙂


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Yay! Sounds like they had a great time.

  2. YAY! I'm so glad they had such a great trip 🙂 And double YAY that I get to see you in 4 sleeps!!

  3. It looks fantastic!! What awesome memories!

  4. Beautiful photos! i guess the boys have spent more time together than you ladies have!

    It was so nice of you two to SET them up 🙂


  5. My hubby wants in next time! He is not a pastor, but he is on the elder board and an avid outdoors man!

    See you tomorrow chicky!


  6. Wow, that last shot is amazing! Yes, yes, let's do a coffee run. Where are you? Is there a Tim's or Starbucks nearby? Or you could come visit for lunch at my place. Sami Joe told me some really interesting stuff about you and i want to learn MORE!

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