Nearly 16 years ago, my then boyfriend and now husband invited me to join his church for their annual winter retreat in the Muskokas. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet his family and his congregation for the very first time.

Before I flew out – I knew I needed to go shopping… coming from White Rock, British Columbia, it had been years since I wore a REAL winter coat let alone ACTUAL winter boots.

I flew into Toronto that cold January day so proud of my fashionable new booties, only to be greeted by Dave who just laughed, “Those are not winter boots!” Even though I am Canadian… I was naive to exactly how FREAKING COLD some areas outside of balmy Vancouver can be!! We’re talking; I had icicles forming off the hairs in my nose within seconds of breathing the outside air!

2nd Winter Retreat | January 1997

Dave was right. My toes may have been darn FASHIONABLE…. they were FREEZING!

After we got married, he bought me my first pair of “real” winter boots. They were warm, chunky, heavy and… butt ugly! I’ve endured them… clunking around through the snow and -30c winter weather. Loving that my feet were warm but hating that I looked like an awkward snow beast. Did I mention they were ugly?!

Cougar Boots sent me a pretty parcel while I was at Blissdom Canada last week!

I’m a happy camper now! I don’t have to compromise fashion for function!! {insert happy dance}

I wore them while taking the boys for a walk in the woods yesterday. We jumped over the creek and through the puddles… my feet remained warm and dry and I looked darn good too!!

Cougar Boots | Mirage Black

I am enjoying my Mirage Black winter boots from Cougar Boots. They have an incredible plush polar lining that is so soft with a leather & suede exterior. I’ll be keeping nice and warm when winter finally hits! Not to mention HAWT! 🙂

LiveDress from Vancouver did a FAB video review of these boots… my boots are the first ones she talks about in this video!


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  1. Those are great boots. I love that you get to try these things out! However…….I wanna see the butt ugly ones too!! LOL

  2. How do I get a pair and where?

  3. Love those boots. They were my second choice. They look fantastic on you!

  4. Those are some pretty nice looking boots. Boy, Cougar has come a long way!

  5. Love these boots – they are hawt!

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