One minute the stain was there…

a few minutes later… it was gone!

It was that easy.

We just moved into what was Dad’s space in our house. His carpets had seen better days, they’re six years old. In his final days, he spent a lot of time in this living room, sitting by the windows. This particular stain above is from a cup of tea he lost his grip on, the day before he passed away. I know that may sound morbid, sorry, I just wanted to explain the stain but more importantly when it was stained, August 16, 2011 {my youngsters 6th bday}. I didn’t get a chance to clean it up properly. One month turned into two which turned into nearly FOUR months later before I could get to it.
I usually just wait until it’s really, really bad before calling a carpet cleaning company to come and take care of my messes. Thankfully Bissell sent me their “BISSELL PROHeat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner” to test out. Now I don’t have to wait to have great looking floors and upholstery!
It was very easy to put together, in fact, my 13 yr old son put it together all by himself! Within minutes I was cleaning up the spots on the carpet. Just in time for a Christmas party we were hosting…
I was very impressed with how quickly the BISSELL PROHeat 2x Plus cleaner cleaned the stain and an old stain at that! But also how quickly it dried! My carpet wasn’t left soaked at all, within the hour we were able to walk on the living room floor.
I can’t wait to get it upstairs into the boys bedroom! How they manage to turn their beige carpet black… I have no idea! I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Revolutionary cleaning system – Dual Brushes and Heating System for a clean you can see!

  • Gets deep down dirt
  • Heats tap water hotter for maximum cleaning
  • Edge to edge cleaning and suction power with the Edge Sweep Brushes
  • Upholstery/stair attachments: 3″ Tough Stain Brush, Turbo Brush

BISSELL Canada is excited to finally be on Facebook and until January 5th, 2012 they have a cool contest going on. It’s called, “Dirty Little Secrets”. Share with them in 120 characters or less your dirty little secret for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas! Plus there are weekly prizes. Canadians can enter on BISSELL Canada’s Facebook page now!
I don’t have any more excuses for dirty carpets.


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  1. I definately need to get a cleaner. It's handy to have for spur of the moment issues. Better than having to run out and rent all the time!

  2. LOL beige carpet turned black by boys?! Why would that be?! Boys will be boys, right!

    We love our carpet cleaner!

  3. I think every mom with boys needs one! And yes, that does include me because I have a husband you know LOL!

    Mommy Moment

  4. My high traffic spots like the hall and the kids rooms really need to be done

  5. With 2 kiddos and 2 dogs our carpet is forever in need of a deep clean!

  6. Sort of wish I had carpet! looks like a great machine. Thanks for a great review

  7. I have an expensive area rug in my livingroom and my slow vacuum isn't cutting it! This would be perfect!!

  8. Sounds great! Does it have upholstery attachments??

  9. I think we may have the same carpet! My carpet looks so bad so quickly. I need a cleaner and this review makes me want one SO bad!

  10. Tanya, mine came with two additional attachments.

  11. I really need this machine! We have white carpets (with little brown/grey specks in it) and they are totally black in the high traffic areas. Never mind the spills and whatnot that have taken place over the years. And I have boys as well. This would be awesome to have.

  12. So glad to see this post.

    We bought our first house in August that has since developed a leaky basement, leaky gutters and a furnace that may or may not make it through the winter. We were hoping to put down new flooring in all the bedrooms and living room and dining room but that quickly went out the window. There may be home for my carpet with a Bissell!

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