Getting sick right before Christmas is not fun! Not fun at all. I know many of you have also struggled with your health this winter and some of you have been sick for way too long. I feel for you. A week and a half and a I still am not getting more than 4 hours sleep each night. Needless to say, it’s hard to get the house ready for the holidays when you feel like someone’s sitting on your chest. Not to mention spending the weekend in the hospital with my 11 yr old dear daughter…

I did it though. Thanks to the help of my sister-in-law {one of hubby’s older sisters} who helped me get organized and pushed me to keep going with her encouragement. Thanks Pauline!! She’s trying to start a blog, Nanny’s English Tea Room, give her a looky-loo! She’s a fabulous baker, just like her mom. 🙂

I still have so much left to do before Christmas. I have to pick up the kid’s teachers gifts, hubby’s gift, stocking-stuffers for the family, more butter for baking and a few things for friends. With only a few days left… I may need to clone myself.

Speaking of purchasing some more stuff… when you’re out and about, look out for Method’s holiday soap line. I’m loving my Method Candy Cane dish soap. Last week they were on the Nate Burkus show as the holiday must-have! It really does smell like Christmas when I’m doing the dishes. 🙂

I know this wasn’t very wordless but it is part of Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Do you want to participate? Link up and visit the others playing along. Happy Holidays!!


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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I also got sick but just on Monday (on my birthday 🙁 ) blah.. Love the Christmas decorating and soap.. I will look next time I am out 🙂 Thanks

  2. Beautiful tree and I love how they have such festive looking soap dispensers now. It really helps with the festive theme

  3. Goodness me, it isn't fun getting ready for Christmas when you are sick 🙁 You did a GREAT job though – everything looks lovely 🙂
    Hope you feel in tip top shape for Sunday 🙂

  4. I saw it with all the decoration boxes! What a beautiful transformation! Well done! I hope you feel better soon. Merry Christmas!!

  5. My two kids have runny noses this holiday season 🙁 It stinks being sick any time! Get better soon!

  6. You've done a great job so far! I still need to get my daughter's teacher's gift too. Well, wrap it! I say take your time and enjoy it! Merry Christmas to you and your fam!

  7. It's kind of a weird holiday season this year, isn't it? It looks so pretty at your house though! Our living room feels so small with our tree in it. I like how spacious your space looks – very homey!

    HUGS! Feel better soon!!!!

    ~ Raylene
    It's OK to be WEIRD!

  8. Ok, that looks Festive! Hubby and I had to set up tree #2 yesterday…we started at midnight…Long story, but at least we have a tree up again.

    Smiles beautiful lady!
    Mommy Moment

  9. such a bummer to get sick before the holidays, so much to do, it's stressful even when you are feeling well. Hope you all recover quickly

  10. Your house looks great. I have been struggling with a bug as well, but I'm finally feeling better. I hope you do too.

  11. Hope you start feeling better! Your place looks fabulous. Got to love when the fam jam comes in with open arms for help!

    Sending healthy and happy wishes your way. Just sit at that tree and stare, it is gorgeous.

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