Liam Lice 2012

This picture says it all, doesn’t it?!
Last night, just before bed I noticed Liam was itching his head. Now that wouldn’t be too unusual, he suffers from Eczema so he is often scratching his super dry skin but it’s mostly on his arms, in the crook of his elbow area. As I was saying his good-night prayers with him, I thought I’d check his noggin. AGGGGGGGH!!!!!! For the first time in our house… we had LICE!!!!

Liam had lice 2012



I quickly sent Dave to the pharmacy for the essential delousing equipment and a new set of hair clippers. I know shaving his head wasn’t necessary, or so I’m told, but after having kids for thirteen years and a ZERO Lice record, I didn’t want to take any chances. It was NOT spreading! My daughter loves her long hair…
I used to add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in every new bottle of shampoo that came into the house, just to be on the safe side. I hated it when those “Lice Warning” letters came home from the school. I must have thought we were invincible because I haven’t done this in a while. Trust me, I’m stocking up again!



I started doing laundry at 11pm yesterday ~ it’s almost 24 hours later and I’m still doing laundry! I think I’ll be taking the rest of the load to a Laundromat, my dryer is on its last leg and this is taking FOREVER!! I only have to put the stuff in the dryer on high heat for at least 20 minutes right?
Have you ever had to deal with Lice? Every time I think about it, I start itching my head… aggggh!


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  1. Ugh, yes! Just a few months ago, my son got lice from school too! It was horrible! I also shaved his head! I was very thankful that it was my son and not my daughter though, with her long hair! LOL!

  2. Nope not yet and this post has me planning on getting tea tree oil tomorrow!!!

    Sorry to hear they found their way into your house

  3. You got it right-tea tree oil is the best.
    We had it twice-two girls with very long hair and three hours a day of combing their hair with a nit comb…my son never got it.
    Chin up, this too will pass.

  4. I did a review of head lice hair care products, which I think are awesome. And, yes, we've encountered lice before…three times. Good luck!

  5. Oh honey. Ick! We had them one summer and I gotta say shaving his head was probably the smartest thing to do. They do not leave. We did one entire summer of treatment after treatment. All long haired girls in this house except Hubble. Now I use tons of prevention. Tea tree oil shampoo plus this awesome natural product line called Zippity dos. Good luck. Did you bag the stuffies for six weeks? Suffocate the bugs because they stay on stuffed animals.

  6. Yes – twice! And now my head it itchy. I'm getting tea tree oil TOMORROW!

  7. So sorry. We got a letter home from the school in December that someone had lice. I had Tobei carefully inspect my kid and we found nothing. Finally over the holidays I convinced the 4 year old to let me cut his hair. Momma don't want lice. I like my hair.

  8. WE've been lucky so far and avoided them. I am terrified of getting them!!!

  9. Also, the car seats are a "great" place for re-infestation that people sometimes overlook.

  10. Oh, yick! As soon as I hear about lice, I can't stop scratching my head!

    I'm an elementary school teacher, and I HATE HATE HATE when lice occurs in our school. I… knock on wood… have never had head lice myself. I hope I never do!

    One thing I suggest for your daughter is to keep her hair up, and spray it with some hairspray. They recommend to us teachers to use hairspray and try to keep long hair pulled back when lice is around. Lice also highly prefers freshly cleaned hair.

  11. We had lice in the house just once thank goodness!!! I went crazy. Everyone's hair was done, all linens and clothing. Everything surface was santitized. My hubby kept saying all that wasn't necessary and the pharmacist had told me all I needed to do but I could not settle until I knew my entire home did not have one bug in it. Couches were vacummed and sprayed. It's a terrible feeling.

  12. we get those letters home at least 6 or 7 times a year but have never had lice… yet… *shiver*. Had it as a kid though. I will never forget my poor mother having to comb my long really curly hair with that comb and the tar shampoo and stuff. ewwww.

    Tea tree oil in the shampoo eh? never tried that. Think I will now though!

  13. had lice on and off with my two, but not enough to panic … careful delousing (which mans basically pulling eggs out of their hair with your fingernails, no comb is fine enough) gets rid of it fast enough.

    our last episode was horrific thanks to MasterAlmostTeen practically living in his baseball cap … saw him scratching in the car then actually pull a HANDFUL off his head. the old conditioner and comb pulled out SCORES of adults, and clearing the hair of eggs about a week of daily inspection.

    and YES to the car seats, one popped up the very next day, ARGH! clearly jumping on from the car seat … apart from that, tbh, they really haven't travelled far from noggins in our house.

    good luck! xt

  14. Argh! Makes me shiver (and itch)! We used to get those letters home from school, too.
    Hang in there, Shannon. When this is over, you're going to have a really clean house, right?

  15. We have been lucky to never have had lice either and my oldest is in Grade 6, tea tree oil is great and I also heard lavender oil is great too.

  16. I hate everything right now.


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