On Friday, Emma had her cast removed… finally! 6 weeks has felt like several months to her. She injured herself prior to Christmas break, running backwards in P.E. class. She’s super sad that she can’t join the volleyball team this year.

Link up with the Wordless Wednesday blog hoppers. It’s hard to believe that I participated in my first WW 6 years ago. Thanks to 5 Minutes For Mom for inspiring me to continue. xoxoxoxo Sue & Janice!! 🙂


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  1. YAY Emma! And wow- 6 years ago eh?! That is an impressively long time to be doing Wordless Wednesday posts… you'd think you would have learned how to be wordless by now 😉

    just kidding

    you know I love you


  2. Must have felt like such a relief to have it off. I know mine did when it came off.

  3. YAY! That must be freedom for sure!

  4. Oh I remember when my wrist cast came off, it was pure joy to itch my skin! Way to go Emma

  5. WOOT WOOT!! COngrats on the cast coming off!!! yay Emma!

  6. Love that she still has her nails done! lol I would too

  7. I'm another fan of the nail polishes.
    Sorry to hear that she won't be able to join the team. I know what that's like.
    Happy Hump Day!

  8. I remember getting my casts off, the one thing I was so relieved about it I could finally itch my skin. The itchiness under a cast would drive me crazy!

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