December 21, 2012 we burst into the place we would call home for the week. Christmas in a cottage in the Muskokas just the six of us!

With great excitement the kids ran from room to room to take it all in. From upstairs shouting could be heard, “This is my room”, “I called it first, “That’s my drawer” and “Wow, check out the lake!” 

Suddenly I heard a faint voice coming from behind the door in the main-floor bathroom, “We should have brought the Charmin, theirs (the cottage’s toilet paper) is like sandpaper!” 

My ten year old is very perceptive. He recognizes good toilet paper when he feels it.

Nothing gets past him!

Half-way through our trip, I got a bit sick. My tummy turned sour and the bathroom became the most visited room for me. It was about this point when I wished I brought the ultra soft toilet paper too!

Be nice to your guests… Charminize your Bathroom!

I would like to share with you why we love Charmin Ultra Soft so much. You can win your very own Charminize your Bathroom kit, valued at approximately $40.

One of my ultimate favourites is in the kit… the Downy Unstoppables.  It not only makes my Must-Have List for my laundry room but I made sure my sister and mom learned how awesome they were. It was part of their Christmas present from me. 🙂 No more sour smelling towels!!

My seven year old can tell you all about the benefits of the Charmin Freshmates… let’s just say, laundry time isn’t so… messy.

And who couldn’t use a couple extra boxes of the softest tissue around?! Puffs facial tissues save your nose from turning into Rudolph during this cold and flu season. 

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    I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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    1. I love soft toilet paper!

    2. I like to have a soft toilet paper!

    3. It has to be soft!


      belinda mcnabb

    4. I'm really not too picky as long as it's not that scratchy stuff from hotels.

    5. honestly, I usually buy the cheapest toilet paper I can find

      Anne Taylor

    6. Very Picky!! With old age comes the want of the softest and thickest toilet paper there is!

    7. i will not buy the cheap stuff ever!!! you just use way too much and who wants to wipe with sandpaper!


    8. I use between toilet papers that i find that are soft and good value.

      silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

    9. I have a few brands that I choose to buy based on quality and which one is on sale.
      My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

    10. Yes, I'm picky about the bathroom tissue that I use, I have Crohn's disease and going to the bathroom anywhere from 5+ times a day you need good quality paper

    11. Absolutely! It has to be soft!!!

    12. I don't care about softness as much as strength. I don't like toilet paper that tears when I'm using it. I don't care for scented stuff either.

    13. picky in that I buy what is the best quality and what is on sale

    14. Yes I'm very picky and Charmin is my TP of choice 🙂

    15. Your daughter is very creative! Love the title 🙂

    16. I am not picky but hubby!! That is another story 🙂


    17. I am picky to a point. I like softness. I hate the thin stuff that tears.
      (Debbie W)

    18. No I am not that picky, I buy what is on sale.

    19. I like to think I'm low-maintenance…but this girl's got toilet paper standards!

    20. Fairly picky. But I watch for the decent stuff to be on sale. No one likes crunchy TP!

    21. I'm very picky and I only use Charmin.

    22. I am pretty picky. I buy the thicker stuff for my bathroom and cheaper for the other bathroom, lol.

    23. Yes, it has to be ultra and it has to be thick!

    24. I am super picky about my toilet paper. Only the best for my butt.

    25. I like the thick quilted kind.

    26. Only the softest for my bum. 😛 None of that scratchy, one ply, sandpaper stuff for me.

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    28. I am a little picky, I dont like it to thin

    29. I tend to buy whatever is on sale, but we do love Charmine!! lorihook(at)shaw(dot)ca

    30. Yes. I like soft but still strong toilet paper

    31. I'm not that picky, but I don't want sandpaper lol

    32. I would have always said no to that question, but I have found over the years places have started using really crappy (pun intended) toilet paper. It is horrible , thin, useless sandpaper. So , yes. Now I am picky

    33. Not at all. Whatever we can afford at the time.

    34. yes..I am pretty picky about my toilet paper. While I dont have a special brand I buy ALL the time,I will not buy the really cheap stuff or 1 ply ever!! I love Charmin!

      (Karla Sceviour on rafflecopter)

    35. i kinda am but when money is tight i will go with the cheaper brand.

    36. I am – we always buy the same brand. I would love to try Charmin!

    37. I am not particularly picky but the hubby is. I think his butt is a little more sensitive than mine LOL

    38. not picky whatever is on sale

    39. There is no compromise on the toilet paper quality

    40. It has to be on sale and it has to be soft. I stock up on it when I can.

    41. I'm very picky when it come to toilet paper.

    42. Yes I am!

      breej23 at hotmail dot com

    43. Extremely!

    44. I like good quality, but my wife usually buys what is on sale or what she has a coupon for!

    45. Very picky soft is important

    46. Very picky..It must be Charmin! Tried lots of others and with our sensitive skin lets just say things were rather "sensitive" with other brands!!

    47. i love soft stuff . esp. toilet paper .

    48. hook me up. i use a lot of toilet paper.

    49. Yes im picky I love love soft toilet paper!
      rafflecopter name Tammy dalley

    50. I only like soft

    51. Not at all! I'll usually go with whatever's on sale.

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