I have THREE boys but only ONE girl. To say that there is, at times, way too much testosterone in this
household, is an understatement.  Oh the sounds and smells us girls have
to put up with!!

And yet… I’d even go as far to say… the boys, all three of them combined, are at times easier to raise.

It’s not that Emma is difficult or rebellious, because she is not, she is the furthest thing from that. She is caring, helpful, super smart and very athletic. Girls… can just be a bit more complicated.

She’s more apt to internalize her feelings and withdraw from conversations or pull back and try to disappear. If I don’t actively pursue her, she will go hours alone in her room, reading or perusing Pinterest.

I have to make a conscientious effort to seek her out and pull her into discussions. She doesn’t clamor for my attention or affection like the boys do.

When it comes to GIRL POWER… I’ve tried to lead by example, by showing her that her mom is a confident, outgoing woman who is able to take charge and get things done but if I don’t actually verbalize those same great GIRL POWER characteristics that I see in her… it isn’t heard inside of her.

As much as we spend time together; baking, going to the spa, doing crafts together, shopping, taking girls-only trips away together… if I don’t take the time to TELL her how awesome she is, TELL her she’s done a great job, TELL her she is beautiful, TELL her she rocks…

My primary love language is time spent together.

Her primary love language is words of affirmation.

She’s not going to hear what I do – she needs to hear what I say.

Last night I found out COVERGIRL was sending Emma and I, thanks to the #PGMom program I’m involved in, to see P!NK’s sold out concert in Toronto. I read through two lines of the email and I started screaming. Quite literally. I screamed a few more times, then ran down the hall, flung open Emma’s bedroom door, jumped on her bed and while jumping, screaming, “WE’RE GOING TO SEE P!NK ON MONDAY!” It was 10:35pm. She was sound asleep but I was a tad excited and I couldn’t help myself…

You see, for me, I was going to spend time with my daughter. The concert was the cherry on top (because I am a HUGE fan).

Now to not forget to speak her language so this is something she remembers for the rest of her life.

P!NK as the face of COVERGIRL Clump Crusher:  

In her new role as a COVERGIRL, P!NK’s going to dare every woman to take more beauty chances and join her in kicking traditional conventions to the curb. Throughout her career, P!NK has built a reputation for being a fearless, fun innovator: so it’s fitting that as the first chapter of her COVERGIRL story, the singer is the face of a bold new mascara innovation from the brand.

With the launch of her most recent album, The Truth About Love, this past fall, P!NK exemplifies what it means to be a true COVERGIRL. She’s got her own individuality and never settles for conforming to a single beauty standard. “I have a lot to celebrate. I called my new album The Truth About Love, and the truth is that I have my beautiful family and baby girl, my new music, and now my partnership with COVERGIRL to love,” said P!NK. “Joining a group of women who have always inspired me – to laugh out loud, let my guard down, or play around with my beauty look – is such an honour.”  


ENTER TO WIN: Two (2) floor level tickets to P!NK’s SOLD OUT
concert in Toronto, Ontario Canada on Monday, March 11, 2013 ($200 value)
with access to a VIP lounge!  In addition, the winner will receive two
(2) COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascaras ($10.99 arv) to channel their inner
P!NK. Open to Canadians only (ex QC).

Easy entry…

QUESTION: What makes you feel beautiful in your own skin?

BONUS QUESTION: What are you doing to help empower other girls to see their beauty, inside & out?

Emma will be choosing the winner on FRIDAY MARCH 8 @ 9AM ET based on the answer(s) she likes the best. Feel free to talk to her as much as you want. Make her laugh, smile, think… make her notice you. 🙂 Good Luck!!!

Follow P!NK’s lead to take beauty chances to discover what makes 
you feel beautiful in your skin!

accommodation, food & beverages are not included. Tickets cannot be
exchanged for a cash value, sold or transferred to anyone but the name
given to me upon acceptance of this prize.  Due to the tight turnaround and
for security purposes, the winner will have four (4) hours to respond to
claim the prize before another name is drawn. 


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. What makes me feel beautiful in my own skin? Well, this sounds super corny, but I think kindness and how you treat others plays a part in how beautiful a person is. Beauty from the inside shines through. Being with those I care for and those who inspire and lift me up, and who I can just be myself around…that makes me comfortable in my own skin. Being confident in who I am as well.

    Not sure if I answered your question properly. I'll likely read this in the morning and think, "Whoa. Totally past your bedtime!"

  2. Taking the time to highlight my best features (which are my eyes) only takes a few minutes each day but it makes me feel amazing all day long!

    To help my nieces see their beauty, and the beauty of others, we talk a lot about diversity. The girls know that even if someone dresses different or looks different or acts different, they are still beautiful. And, no matter how the girls choose to look as they get older, they will always be beautiful to me! I think this type of empowerment will help them grow up knowing how beautiful they truly are!

  3. If we have to focus on the physical, I'd say focusing on features you love the most about yourself. I love my lips, so I like to make sure they always look kissable 🙂

    My daughter is only 4 years old and came home from Junior Kindergarten sad and saying, "Mommy, [so and so] said I'm ugly" and started weeping. It was SO heartbreaking to see a tiny 4 year old having to deal with this in JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN.

    I told her that she IS beautiful and everyone is different. She's the only Spanish-Filipina-Caribbean-Chinese-Scottish-English-Irish kid in her class. What makes us beautiful is our differences.

    Okay, off to bed now 🙂

  4. I'm not sure that there's just one thing that makes me feel pretty. I've always loved putting on lipstick so maybe that's it.

    As for others I love doing my Beautiful You photo sessions. These sessions are manly done for woman that have forgotten they aren't just a wife or a mom or an employee. They are a woman first. Once they're hair and makeup is on and I do a few pics I show them the back of my camera and most tear up because most forget how truly beautiful they are. It's a great process to be a part of. After all You Are Beautiful!

  5. What makes me feel beautiful in my own skin? Being with funny friends and laughing until I cry!! Laughing until you cry is fabulous and never gets old! I hope I can always laugh until I cry with good friends!

  6. OH WOW, now this is a quest I was on for years but it took a LONG time to find the right path. I didn't begin to really feel pretty until I could look at ALL of myself, every last bit and deal with what I saw. With my recovery from alcoholism God has led me on a path of knowledge, the key being to learn to Love myself as God does, even the imperfect bits. To love others this way as well and seek to help others before myself.
    For me beauty is within the soul, which we all know is where our spiritual foundation is.

  7. Bonus entry: even though it's only a few hours a month, I have a fabulous job with the YWCA where I get to facilitate a group of young women between 16 and 29 years old on civic engagement and social activism. The group is called Y Act Up, and there are 22 groups across the country. We ae teaching how to change the world while thinking big and starting small. #thinkbig

  8. Well as far as helping others….I have the opportunity to visit a local Teen Rehab centre from time to time to gather with these awesome young folks who are dealing with addictions.
    Some sit behind a mask, some are quite broken but each of them light me up and I let them know that. I openly let them know what my thoughts on their talents, their wit and humour and how they're affecting me positively. There's beauty in that.
    We share experience, strength and hope and within this I hope they see how beautiful each of them are.

  9. What makes me feel beautiful in my own skin? Since my primary love language is words of affirmation, much like Em, I feel my most beautiful after a loving conversation with my mom or Nik. They both know how to feed my love language perfectly and make me feel absolutely beautiful. A great hair day and a super cute outfit always helps too 😉 Haha

    What am I doing to help empower other girls to see their beauty, inside & out? As a part of my job, I get to show women/girls how to look beautiful on the outside and how to take care of themselves to help them feel beautiful on the inside. And I LOVE playing with the makeup! But my favorite way to help girls feel beautiful on the inside, in all honesty, is with GLO. You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to be apart of their lives and to be someone they can turn to when they need to be lifted up. I didn't have anyone like that when I was their age. I was forced to struggle with my problems and my low self-esteem all on my own and it did some serious damage. I never want young girls to have to feel the way I did. I pray they always feel love and acceptance, and know that they are beautiful(no matter what peopel say)!

  10. In middle school and high school, it was tough to feel beautiful in my own skin. I was made fun of often because I had what people referred to as a flat nose. Kids would even ask my little brother what was wrong with me. For sure my feelings were hurt. We all know how mean kids can be. What did make me, and STILL continues to make me feel beautiful in my own skin are 3 things. 1) My faith. Knowing God loved and loves me and all the amazing love and blessings He's given had nothing to do with exterior beauty. 2) The love of my family 3) The blessing of good friends. Now that I'm all grown up, my nose has not changed much, I never even think about it. I'm loved and I love. Nothing can make me feel more beautiful, inside and out.

  11. What makes me feel beautiful in my own skin? Knowing that, no matter how I look on the outside, my kids think I am the most beautiful Mom on the planet! And, taking time for myself to refresh, recharge and come back the best Mom and wife I can be.

    Bonus entry: To empower my daughter, I've always taught her that someone can't be truly beautiful unless it comes from within. We talk a lot about how having a beautiful heart is more important than a pretty face. This has impacted her so much that she often tells her friends she loves their beautiful hearts, or compliments them on their kind actions. She's such a thoughtful, bold, assertive, self-confident girl – a real leader – and someone whom I know will continue to be a positive influence on everyone she meets. I'm so proud of her and hope I continue to empower her by setting a good example.

  12. Bonus question:

    I'm a mama to 3 girls, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a mama hen to my girls friends. Giving love, a listening ear, a helping hand, a ride, a meal, a cookie, hug. Investing in relationships is what I do to empower girls to feel beautiful inside and out. Heart swells for all the girls in my life. Love is the best!

  13. BONUS QUESTION – What are you doing to help empower other girls to see their beauty, inside & out?

    I have 2 daughters – 11 and 6 – and I am always encouraging them pursue their interests, try new things to help them find their true passion so they can do what truly makes them happy. We`ve tried all kinds of things (piano, dance gymnastics, art classes, drama, sports) etc over the years, Some have been hits, some have been misses, but all are life lessons and showing them that I support and believe in them — no matter what they do — is what really matters most.

    I used to volunteer for an amazing program called Teen Esteem run by the Waterloo Region Health Unit where women would volunteer & get together to deliver presentations to girls in local schools (grades 7 & 8). We shared our personal stories, showed them picture of ourselves at their age, encouraged them to stay strong during this sometimes difficult time of their lives, played inspiring songs to fire them up and the basic message was be strong, be confident, be yourself – you are amazing just the way you are! It felt so good to encourage and inspire girls to be confident and be themselves and I was very sad to see this program cancelled a few years ago and wish they would bring it back. We were making a difference

  14. I just wanted to come back and direct this at Emma. Beauty has become something which I value, well I've always valued it but didn't really understand it.
    Having 2 daughters (7&9) who are very different has taught me so much. They've helped me see the true beauty coming to life. My girlie girl loves all things pink and would fit a stereo-typical mould whereas Sydney is more comfortable in boy's t shirts and leggings. We spend time talking about their positive traits, exploring how they feel about being good at something and I try to empower them in their interests. Their self-confidence is important to me and when we just accept ourselves and how God made us, well that's when life changes a bit.
    Sydney is just like you Emma, she wouldn't take kindly to me gushing about her…..and it's by including her in my life and the things I do that I get to spend the time showing her how AWESOME she is. Without me pulling her into FUN things she would much rather sit and watch, unsure of herself and afraid to look silly. Thankfully she has a Mum who is OKAY with looking silly so she realizes it's not so bad.

  15. First, I want to scream with you! How amazing for you and your girl.

    Second, I want to say I too have 1 daughter and 3 boys I can hear you on all accounts. They do require a bit more from mom and once you get the hang of it, life is amazing.

    Third, A positive mind set has me on top of the world.

  16. Emma, I'm also found my "beautiful" self this August when I shaved my head for Ronald McDonald House. I hadn't realized that I'd relied upon my hair and it's funky cut/style so much until it was gone!!
    I almost cried at first but then after a moment of deep breaths I began to be able to see my own beauty.
    My girls immediately understood it and through walking around with my bald self I've been able to show folks that you CAN be different looking and feel beautiful.

  17. Pink!! My favorite female artist, I think her voice is amazing and love her music, love the song "Try" and "Dear Mr. President" unfortunately I am in Edmonton, but I am not sure about being comfortable in my own skin right now but in my 20 to 40's I was by just being myself and having fun, a lot of friends, sense of humor and living a good life full of health and happiness.

  18. What makes me feel beautiful in my own skin is being who I am! Not worrying about what other people think of the way I look and staying true to me. Sharing my joy for life & kindness with others.
    It really isn't about how we look on the outside, it's about being beautiful on the inside!

  19. Bonus Question

    With 2 daughters (3 & 6) and my older daughter having a diagnosed anxiety disorder, I try every day to focus on their personalities and who they are on the inside. Being kind to others around you and to yourself, being a good friend and being helpful – physical beauty in time will fade but being a 'good' person will last a lifetime.

  20. After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new
    comments are added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I recieve four
    emails with the same comment. There has to be an easy method you can remove me from that
    service? Thank you!

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  21. What makes me feel beautiful in my own skin? Seriously, I wouldn't be able to pinpoint just one thing. I love my freckles, my sense of humour and and my fun-loving personality. I love to surround myself in the company of others who lift me, and that empowers my mind, body and soul… which in turn accentuates beauty. Beauty doesn't have to come from the outside, but rather what is on the inside. I wish I could turn back time and tell my teenage self this.

  22. Bonus entry…

    I have a 3.5 year old daughter who at one point struggled with anxiety. She was very shy and afraid of what others thought of her. Since starting preschool her mindset and personality quickly changed. We sit down often and talk about her beautiful personality. She is a soft spoken, kind hearted girl. We focus on the positive and try not to reflect on negative situation. At Christmas, I gave her some change to buy herself a treat and she wound up hopping out of the stroller and donating the money to the Salvation Army. She was so proud and you can tell that moment empowered her! I think it is so important to teach young children (girls and/or boys) and adults too — that you are beautiful just the way you are! Don't let anyone ever bring you down. Each person is so unique and has something amazing to offer to the world.

  23. I love myself and accept myself as it is! I know that I am not perfect but I feel good about myself and I will not compare myself to others. I have a lovely family, a job that I love and with friends and family members there to share all my up and downs. All these make me feel beautiful in my own skin.

  24. QUESTION: What makes you feel beautiful in your own skin?

    Being myself makes me feel beautiful. Its when I dress up, add make up or act a certain way to impress others that if feel awkward. when I wear my yoga pants and t shirt and I'm rolling around on the ground with my 3 children I feel beautiful!

  25. BONUS QUESTION: What are you doing to help empower other girls to see their beauty, inside & out?

    I try to make every girl i know feel beautiful by complimenting them, giving them a sense of empowerment and raising my two boys to respect women and show appreciation for women the way my husband does. I feel if you support and compliment a women it goes along way!

  26. What makes you feel beautiful in your own skin?
    I never understood this question. Who's skin would you be in if not your own? That kind of sounds gross…and out of a horror movie.
    But on a serious note, my intelligence and confidence makes me feel beautiful. I am smart enough to decide for myself what is beautiful and not listen to the media or beauty magazines. I can decide that a wrinkle is not something that needs to be removed. Wrinkles tell the story of your life. I can decide that food is not the enemy because almost every great and fond memory I have with friends and family is around a table, sharing love and laughter and of course a meal!
    But most of all you need confidence in your self. You need to be able to own every flaw and love it!

  27. What makes you feel beautiful in your own skin?
    The fact that I AM BEAUTIFUL! And so is the pretty blonde down the street, and the funny brunette at work and the girl with black hair at the gym, and let’s not forget the chick with multi coloured hair who rides the bus with you, her too. It is not about what size you wear or the colour of your hair, it is about how you FEEL inside that makes you feel beautiful. I have the love of an amazing family, I am healthy, and happy, what more could I ever ask for. Oh and my red hair rocks, and is totally beautiful!

  28. What are you doing to help empower other girls to see their beauty, inside & out?
    I try to lead by example – I am not a perfect size 4 (far from it), I have curly red hair that can be frizzy and unruly, and I am just “average” looking, but I am HAPPY. By being happy and confident, getting out and about in everyday situations and showing the girls, women and community around me that nothing can hold me back. Your body is beautiful no matter what the shape or size, and by getting out there and being happy to be me I hope I can show other girls that they are beautiful too.

  29. I feel beautiful when I look in the mirror and I like what I see

  30. I feel beautiful in my own skin when I've had a good night sleep and I can start the day happy, when you are happy you feel great all around. 🙂

    1. here's my contact
      sue2sueper (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. To empower other girls, I try to help them to like themselves for who they are, and for what they look like. I feel I've been successful with my daughter, and try to help others who seem to no be satisfied with themselves.

  32. What makes me feel beautiful in my own skin is waking up every morning and being grateful to be alive, enjoy life, treat people the way I want to be treated – with respect and always wearing a smile – it's contagious!

  33. I'm not entering your giveaway because I live too far away. But, I wanted to comment and say hello. I'm so happy to have found your blog. I'm a mom to three sons (12, 14, and 19) and one daughter (16). I love your message in this post about girl power. It is truly important to tell your daughters on a regular basis how beautiful they are – inside and out. I make a point to also tell her how proud I am of her accomplishments. My daughter and I both love to read. I read a lot of the same books/genre as her so that gives us something to connect with and share. Hope you have a wonderful time at the concert!

  34. Emma, I saw this today and had to share with you because it's EXACTLY what I try to show my girls…..that we're all strangely unique and human….and BEAUTIFUL.

    “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.”
    ― Edgar Allan Poe

  35. Hey Emma, my name is Colleen. I don't know you or your Mom, but I think I can relate to some of what your Mom said here.

    My Mom and I are two very different people. Mom's has always wanted to look good in front of other people. She likes to be noticed. And that's okay, it's her thing. I just wanted to do my own thing. I loved climbing things. I guess I was a bit of a risk taker in my own way. Climbing cupboards, trees, when I was older, mountains.

    My Mom wanted to dress up and have tea and be pretty. It makes her feel good when she looks pretty – and when I look pretty too. I'd rather be covered in mud! What can I say?

    As we became older, we fought more, because we both became convinced that we were right and that the other one was wrong. The truth was we were both right and we were both wrong.

    Today I realize that Mom loves dressing up and looking pretty and that she gets a great joy when I do the same – so I do, as a gift for her. She doesn't know that. I've never told her that. But I also came to enjoy wearing make up and looking pretty and dressing up – sometimes.

    I also love throwing on my jeans, a pair of boots, grabbing a fishing rod and climbing down an embankment on the edge of a river so my husband and I can spend an afternoon fishing.

    Both of those things make me feel good. And so both of those things make me feel pretty on the inside.

    It's important for you to be yourself and to listen to what works for you and pursue them. And if you need to hear from others that you are pretty – and you are! I saw that picture of you up there!! – and if you need to hear that you are doing a good job – then ask for it! Get yourself spruced up and say to your Mom "I love this outfit! Don't I look pretty!" "I did well making this/doing this. What do you think Mom?"

    It's okay to ask for the compliments that feed you. If that's what makes you feel good on the inside – then go for it.

    I'll tell you a secret – my husband's love language is acts of service. He feels loved when I do things for him. Like make his lunch for work. So I make the best darned lunch in the world! One of his coworkers asked to take a picture of one of my lunches so he could show his wife. (They are really good lunches). It makes me feel good that he feels good. So I love doing that for him.

    My love language is receiving gifts. Not big things. It's little things – like my husband picking a flower from the garden on his way into the house and giving it to me. Or taking me out for a Starbucks coffee (he knows I love Starbucks). Little things like that make me feel loved. So he works to sprinkle those into our relationship.

    Your Mom's is time spent together. Even though you don't know it, that is going to become really difficult to do in a few years. Try to remember to carve out a little bit of time for your Mom, every so often, and just BE with her. She will love you forever for it.

    Good luck picking a winner for this. It will be hard, but I know you will do well.

    Enjoy the concert on Monday. P!nk is a really cool artist who has done things her own way & made it to the top.

    Do things your own way, Emma, and you'll do well too!

  36. I really felt the most beautiful in my skin when I was pregnant . Something about creating life jus makes you radiate , that or the hot flashes 🙂 . And since that will never happen again, I feel most comfortable in my skin when I'm happy and feeling good about myself.

    Bonus ? When Liv started middle school she was teased a fair bit by a number of boys. She is particularily tall for her age looked more like a teacher then a grade 7 student. We had just heard our Pastor Dave speak about the giraffe and how no animal messes with the giraffe. The only time an animal can successful attack this animal is when they lower themselves down to the ground leaving them vulnerable . The boys were calling her a giraffe she'd come home really upset, I relayed this story to her that when she allowed these guys to bring her down she was giving them power over how she felt about herself. But the giraffe stands tall above the insults and doesn't even acknowledge them. This comparison turned her attitude around and gave her a lot of self esteem .

    Darlene & Olivia S

  37. So this should be an easy question to answer, but us as women are our own worst critics. "Im not thin enough" "My hair is just blah" "If I could only change this one thing". How many of us girls have ever said this to ourselves? I really thought and prayed about this. I feel beautiful cause I am. God made me the way I am today and well he doesnt make any junk. Everything he makes is beautiful to someone and to Him. A quiet and gentle spirit on the inside shows on the outside. That inner beauty shines brighter than any perfect hair or teeth. That inner beauty is contagious to others. People want to be around that person.My goal is so that my daughter (and my youth girls) will be able to flip thru a magazine and not say any of the above comments to themselves. They need to feel good in their own skin, the skin that God put them in. This is the amazing thing about Cover Girl. They dont just have a "one image girl" for there ads. This makes me smile.
    Jenna B

  38. Being myself makes me feel beautiful. I'm never going to be a super model or the girl that halts conversations when she walks into a room. But I'm always going to be the girl who dances down the street listening to some randomly awesome song. You'll know it's me because I'll be mouthing the lyrics or grooving to the beat that can only be heard through my ear buds. People can think I'm crazy as I walk down Queen West giving Toronto a private concert of the latest P!nk song but I'm okay with that. Stick-in-the-muds can shake their heads all they want but secretly they all wish they could share in that moment of bliss that I'm obviously having as I smile at strangers between choruses. That insane singing, dancing, smiling person is who I am and deep down the fuddy duddies know that my inner beauty and is more than they can ever hope for.

  39. What makes me feel beautiful in my own skin? Quite simply by being myself and accepting myself for who I am, quirks, flaws and all. I know I'm not perfect, far from it in fact, but I've learned to be comfortable with who I am and to celebrate my unique qualities and that in turn makes me feel beautiful in my own skin. I also believe it's important to take care of yourself, such as by eating healthy and exercising regularly. In order to feel beautiful in your own skin, you must love yourself. Since love and respect go hand in hand, taking care and respecting your body and mind is a natural extension of loving yourself.


  40. Bonus #2 I think and know over beauty over the next big trend , that we need to teach our girls respect for themselves and for others. That honesty and itegerity come at a high price. Sometimes doing or saying the right thing won't make you the most popular person. But it will help you to build character and be a person who is led by doing right. I also teach my daughter to look for it in others , especially a future husband.
    Darlene S

  41. Being active in nature makes me feel the most beautiful in my own skin. When I am running through the trees I feel like I am in my own element, I feel unstoppable. What I have done for others is inspired and empowered other woman to be healthy and active which in turn made them feel beautiful in their own skin. That was the pay off for me when I used to personal train at the womans only Goodlife… I was able to effect change by using something I am passionate about and build the confidence of other woman that they could achieve much more than they imagined 🙂

  42. What am I doing now? Well I'll be sharing my testimony with the youth this Sunday about A Beautiful Collision- my journey where God opened up my eyes that I am worthy to be loved and I hope to really permeate their hearts so they see they are worthy to be loved too. I hope through my story that they can truly understand that God created them with value, worth, and beauty because He created them and Chose them. (can't share more than that, otherwise I'll give it all away :-).

  43. I am beautiful, and feeling beautiful is a bonus. However, I believe I look most beautiful when I am laughing.

    Several years ago, I became debilitated by an auto immune disease. I couldn't walk, I couldn't life things, I couldn't take care of my new born baby – my only child! I couldn't go places and was isolated.I became sad, lonely and miserable. I have since recovered. I then realized that not walking didn't mean not living. Being alone did not mean being lonely.
    When I recovered, I started to take daily walks with my sister and my dear best girlfriend. I then recognized that as women we needed to take time for self care. I began hosting events to celebrate our Sisterhood. We had a formal attire tea break, made vision boards, had a coffee house, had a spa night, a women's clothing and accessories exchange. This evening was a book exchange. I try to plan events which are free. There are times though then I invite consultants or tradespeople to demonstrate their wares – but stipulate theirs is no pressure for any guest to buy anything. We enjoyed a Mary Kay consultant, a jewelry consultant, a photographer for glamour shots, a boudoir photo session, a candle distributor, a women's accessories trades person. I try to encourage women to come to my home for an evening of relaxation, laughter, bonding, ANY women of our community is welcomed to come. Make new friends, meet acquaintances, sit back, exchange stories, indulge in being amongst wonderful beautiful women. I challenged myself to live richer, and in turn provided any opportunity for women to also experience more.
    Finally, I believe that laughter is healing. I vowed to laugh loud, laugh often, and laugh honestly. I hope that when I laugh others will follow. In turn, they'll enrich their soul and release their beauty though lighter hearts and richer lives.

    Good questions! I assume reading all the responses will be a beautiful feeling alone.
    Take care! Lynda

  44. For me being comfortable in my own skin has very little to do with what I am wearing, how clear my skin looks or how spectacular my hair looks because that is temporary. I feel beautiful in my skin is about the state of my heart. If I am at peace with myself and focus on outwardly to others by being kind, generous, encouraging, inspiring etc. then natural beauty shines through. If I am not concerned about what others think of me and I pursue with reckless abandon what is in my heart, what I am passionate about then beauty sparkles through.

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