Tomorrow morning at 8:30am my two oldest have to be out the door to catch the bus… oh the smell of diesel wafting through the air!! Such a glorious day it will be!

Liam is home for a little bit longer with me. They start slower in Junior K. He’ll go a day here and there until the 3rd week of September when he’ll be going every afternoon. He’ll catch the bus at 12:45pm and won’t be back with the other kids until 3:57pm. Oh me oh my – an afternoon of peace and quiet!! (when Jake naps that is…and until I return to work.)

Speaking of work… I return for re-training on September 25th. Just a week of it though from 10am-1pm and then my hubby and me leave for a 2 1/2 week trip to Hawaii. When we get back from there, I’ll be working Monday to Friday from 11am-3pm. I’ll be home for breakfast but will miss lunch and getting Liam on the bus and I’ll be home by the time they all get off the bus in the afternoon. Not so bad. We’ll fast-track some bill paying and be able to finish the basement completely. That will make it worth it.


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  1. Yes back to school somtimes when the kids were little i found it went to fast and I wanted them home a little longer. Summer goes by tooo fast. Although my kids are in high school and college still find they are not home enough in the summer to do things. Dont forget to take a picture every year they head out the door i started to do it then didnt any more I wish I would have.

  2. That’s good that you and Dave are trying to work around the kid’s school schedules to be there for them. I know if my mom could, she would of stayed home with a salon in the basement or something, but she did her best with the best she had. I turned out okay…well for the most part anyways…who knows it may fall apart in the next few years or even in the next few days to months lol. Although, remember it is very important that you show Q that a women can be strong and a good wife without being a homemaker, and that what he does is never above any women. Also, for Emma it is crucial for her to know that being a female does not limit her possibilites, but just increase them. That she can be a career women and raise a fabolous family, it’s all about balance. Both sides, stayed-at-home moms and career moms can have failure in their family but for many reasons. Some can be, that they work too much, but for the ones who don’t work there’s issues within themselves. All and all it is important we (as a society) raise up women who can make a choice freely. To either stay at home, without being pressured for it or going into the work field and kick some male butt and not looked down by “stayed-at-home” mothers for doing so. I know you and Dave have thought long and hard on your decision and heard from God. I just pray that Q and Emma, see both sides and not think just because they come from a family that does one way of lifestlye is the way for all!!!! God Bless..much loves!!!!

  3. Very cool about the job being better on the hours etc. That’s great you’ll be home after school.

    Kel starts grade 12 tomorrow…we did our last ever before school cloths shopping yesterday…that’s baby is all growed up.
    BooBoo starts 3rd yr at TWU on Thursday. Time flies when you’re having fun

  4. I bet Li is excited. I remember hearing about when he would stand at the door? with his backpack on wanting to get on the bus!! It is great that you can work out a work schedule that fits your life!!

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