Last night my parents celebrated their anniversary in a cave in Mexico.

My Dad emailed us all of his secret plans, he couldn’t tell Mom but he had to tell someone. He was very excited to wine and dine his lovely lady inside a private cave, surrounded by rose petals and candle light.

I finished off my email back to him with a “boom chicka waaa waaa” to which my baby sister responded, “ew” LOL! We both know though that these two are like newlyweds when it come to squeezing the sugar out of each other.

They’ve come a long way over the 4+ decades. They’ve learned what LOVE really is and especially what RESPECTING one another truly looks like.

My parents met in the parking lot of the Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. My Mom describes the moment as if time stood still. She says it was like having an out of body experience and the rest of the world disappeared around them. They moved in together 2 weeks later and 6 weeks after that… they were married in a surprise ceremony my Dad set up.

I didn’t want to mess up the details so I asked my Dad for some help… 

I was 25 and Mom had just turned 29. 

We had talked a bit about marriage. I contacted her boss and made arrangements for her to have time off (she did not know this) – made arrangements for the fireside room at the Unitarian Church (can’t remember why or how I came about choosing that place) I had asked her dad permission to marry her. Invited a few close friends plus her parents and my brother. I wrote the wedding vows – much from Khalil Gilbran – made arrangements for our trip to San Fran. and caterer.
I told her the night before.

We had the wedding ceremony, went to our townhouse – had a meal then left for San Fran.
That night we went to a bar and Sharon was asked for ID. She wasn’t feeling good so back to our hotel room where she spent a bit of time with her face in the toilet. She was a sick puppy – figure food poising from the stuff we got from the caterer (I was so strapped for cash that my caterer cheque bounced).

Our wedding attire consisted of: Sharon in a long skirt and leather boots from Fox and Fluevog Shoes (who had just started out in Gastown). I had on cord bell-bottoms and a sweater. Not sure if Mom had a bra on because she went without one most the time back then… 

Thanks for that last part Dad…

On October 29, 1971 my Dad became an instant father, my Mom had two girls from her first marriage. Tammie and Kim were 7 & 8 years old.

A couple months later they were surprised once again. They weren’t going to have any children of their own, my Dad was happy with his instant family, but I was determined to be. 🙂 21 months after me my baby sister, Lise, arrived. By their 3rd Anniversary we were a family of six.

The 70’s & 80’s were hard on them. I remember hiding in my sister’s rooms listening to them fight. So to see them as they are now, all lovey dovey – all over each other (quite literally) compared to what they were like when I was a kid/teen… it’s inspiring to say the least. If they could make it through… anyone can!

Happy 42nd Anniversary Mom & Dad!


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