Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya on the Yucatán Peninsula, México [60 kilometres south of Cancun] you’ll find the Hacienda Tres Rios. It is the only environmentally responsible, all-inclusive, sustainable luxury resort, nestled in 150 of the 326-acre Tres Rios Nature Park. 

Hacienda tres rios 1

Guests of the resort have unlimited access to a pristine tropical rainforest intersected by three freshwater rivers which merge into the Caribbean sea. It is home to 10 cenotes [a natural sinkhole filled with fresh water], 120 species of plants and over 130 species of animals.  It is the only nature park on the Yucatan Peninsula that includes; jungle, mangrove forest, dunes and marine ecosystems. 

Tres Rios Activities

You can tour the park either by foot, by bike, by kayak, or by segway. When we were there last, celebrating my parent’s 42nd wedding anniversary [2013], my dad rented segways [$27USD per person] for the four of us who’d arrived early. If you’re a little more conservative with your budget… touring by foot, bike or kayak are all available at no extra cost. Additional family-friendly tours and activities are available onsite. 

tres rios segway Activity

Finding comfortable sleeping quarters which fit our family of six is not a challenge at Hacienda Tres Rios. The smaller suites are 645 square feet with two queen sized beds and a pull out couch and the ocean-view family suite can accommodate up to 10 people. In October we return with my entire family [my sisters, the husbands, the children and my mom] to celebrate my mom’s 75th birthday. We’ve reserved three Hacienda 2-bedroom suites! Three full bathrooms, a king-sized bed, two queens, and a living room in each suite. [I don’t have a photo from our room so here’s one from their website.]

hacienda tres rios 2 bed suite

A few days after we arrived in 2013, a massive tropical storm came through the Yucatán Peninsula. Roads were turned into small rivers, golf courses were swamps, and the rain was so heavy, it soaked you in seconds. Thank goodness this resort is huge with plenty of indoor sitting areas and great restaurants to choose from. We stayed nice and dry and FULL!

tres rios lobby

Once the rain subsided we made sure to spend our days either in a bed by the sea…

If my dad was still for a minute, he would fall asleep [we are returning without him in the fall as he passed away February 16, 2016] and my mom… well you couldn’t pry that kindle from her hands. She absolutely loves to read.

tres rios by the sea

or by the pool. I provided great lifeguarding skills from my deck chair while they did aqua-aerobics… 

tres rios by the pool

The days we [me] felt a little more energetic… we either took a kayak out on the Rio Selva [Jungle River] and paddled from the Cenote Aguila to the Caribbean Sea.  As you kayak through the lush mangrove forest, on a sunny day, the fresh water was so incredibly crystal clear, you could see every single fish and limestone formation below you. 

hacienda tres rios kayaking

or we took a Hobie Cat out on the Caribbean Sea. This was a first for almost all of us, I was even brave enough to try it once. 

Hacienda Tres Rios Sail Boats

I’m looking forward to our next trip in October of this year and introducing my kids to all that the Hacienda Tres Rios has to offer. They’re going to have a blast exploring this gorgeous, all-inclusive eco-resort.

One night we’ll eat Italian, the next maybe we will have Asian fusion cuisine. I know we’ll for sure enjoy the Fiesta Mexicana on the Sunday night we’re there, a Mexican buffet with live Mariachi music. 

Tres Rios Mariachi

Whether you choose a vacation to relax by the sea or you want one with a little more adventure, the Hacienda Tres Rios resort has something for you. If you want a little more action in the form of nightlife, Cancun is 60 kilometres north and Playa del Carmen is only 12 kilometres south of the resort.

Extra tips:

  • It is a member-based resort [my parents are members] so don’t be surprised if you receive a call to attend a presentation.
  • If you have a great server, let the resort know via a Trip Advisor review. I heard they get performance reviews and these reviews help them out a lot! 
  • We were there in the rainy season. It’s a jungle… it smelled a little moldy in our room.
  • The sea water at the beach can be a bit muddled – the fresh water river empties into it. 
  • Bring your own hairdryer. It’s just easier as the ones in the rooms may not be reliable. 
  • Make sure to enjoy the lobster dinner at the Hacienda Grill. [If it’s still offered]


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