This past summer I had the opportunity to go on Safari at Tarangire National Park while in East Africa. With a few days off between ministering at churches in Kenya, we decided to travel to Arusha, Tanzania. Six hours each way by bus. Then to get to the Safari… add another two hours each way! Six ladies and one eight-month-old little boy. In less than 1/2 a day… we managed to take over two thousand photos and hundreds of videos! 

I am thankful for the Canon 70-300mm lens my dad bought me the last Christmas he was with us. It came in handy while on Safari, but I think I should upgrade my telephoto lens before our next trip back to Africa.

What is your favourite lens to travel with? 

The way Zebras congregate always captivates me.

We only took the lens ball out once the entire two weeks, while on this Safari. And for the weight… it wasn’t worth it. Not the mention, my hand was burning in the African Sun, like a giant magnifying lens. 

While at the picnic area where we stopped for lunch, we witnessed monkeys stealing food right out of people’s hands!

Tarangire National Park is the sixth largest national park in Tanzania. It is known for its large number of elephants and baobab trees. 

A few times along the route we were so close to elephants, you could almost touch them! Trust me… we tried, to the dismay of our tour guide. 

A special thanks to Karibu Africa Safaris for an amazing day! Our tour guide was extremely kind and helpful to us for the entire journey to and from Arusha. He quickly pointed out the harder-to-find animals; like the cheetah and lions. He even helped hold the baby from time to time. 🙂 

The entire two-week trip to Africa was amazing. On the Sisterhood team were: my daughter Emma, my son’s girlfriend Lara (main photographer), her sister Holly, my ministry partner and friend Glory, and our new friend singer/songwriter Nicole Barron. If you’re interested in a five-minute wrap-up video of our entire trip, watch this!



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