Just when I thought our family was going to get smaller, my two oldest are now living 4,600 kilometres away in British Columbia for University, I went and applied to be a host family for International students!! During Christmas break, I will be feeding EIGHT people, plus my friends who show up from time to time. Last week I reached out to some of my blogger friends for help with making easy meals for large families

Cooking for my own children is one thing… they learn to eat what’s before them, and fast… or face starvation. Now I am cooking for two more boys; one is from Ukraine (he eats like a horse) and the other student is from Vietnam (he barely eats and misses Vietnamese food).  I am always looking for recipes for this diverse home, full of men. Coming up with something tasty on a daily basis is not easy, but now I need to keep it within a tighter budget than ever. That’s when it gets tricky… especially when prices of chicken are skyrocketing in Canada!

Below I have shared with you the first FIVE recipes in this round-up. I will share the other five next month. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I did! 


Slow Cooker White Bean on a Budget 

This hearty, wholesome, comforting slow cooker recipe is made with Northern beans and Ham.

By Mary… The Flying Couponer

Instant Pot Cheesy Taco Pasta

If you love tacos and pasta you must try this recipe! This cheesy taco pasta is perfect for your next taco Tuesday, or any night when you are in a rush.

By Aimee Geroix (also known as The Extreme Couponing Mom)

Zero Points Weight Watchers Freestyle Chili

This chilli recipe is super quick and easy and inexpensive to make. 

By Cyn… Creative Cynchronicity

Mom’s Chicken and Rice Casserole 

This simple recipe will become a family favourite, fast!

Another recipe from my friend Cyn, who knows all too well what it’s like at my house around the dinner table! 

Instant Pot Chicken Carnitas 

This recipe is also great for the slow cooker. They are full of flavour and easy on the budget! 

By Michelle… Powered by Mom

If you have any recipes I could add to my roster, please leave a link in the comments below.


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