Reuse Christmas Decorations

The holidays are expensive! Especially as a college student trying to decorate your dorm room with your favourite holiday decor. Once the holidays are over, all of those decorations can feel like a waste because of how quickly they are taken down and stored away. With such a limited budget and amount of space, learning how to reuse some of your favourite Christmas decor can help in making the holidays last a little longer in your dorm room.

String Lights Go With Everything

The ultimate decor essential for college dorms is string lights. It’s like an unwritten rule for every student that if you bring nothing else, you must bring string lights. Luckily, it’s one of those holiday decorations that doesn’t come off as being too “Christmasy” if you style it the right way. You can hang your string lights from ceilings and walls or even trail them along your headboard or desk, too.

Holiday Trees and Wreaths

I know what you’re thinking – there’s no way you’ll be able to reuse your Christmas tree or wreath. They are so specific to the holiday that it can feel as if they will only be used during the Christmas season. But, you can make a holiday wreath or tree for nearly every holiday. With any tree or wreath, you can add flowers, flags, ribbon, and whatever else you feel is fitting for the holiday you’re decorating for. Holiday trees are becoming more popular and are a fun and easy way to keep the spirit of the holiday in your dorm room.

Garland Can Accent Your Dorm’s Aesthetic

Minimalist and Chic dorm styles have become very popular in recent years. They often include simple colour palettes, sleek decor, and in some cases, greenery. The greenery helps the dorm to feel fresh and open even in such a small space. A creative and budget-friendly way to bring greenery into your dorm is with leftover garland. You can drape the garland over your window sill, shelves, and wherever else you see fit.

Ornaments as Home Decor

Ornaments can easily be disguised as regular home decor pieces. Add a collection of similarly coloured or clear ornaments to a table’s basket or bowl. This creates a simple and mature decor piece or centrepiece. (You can also make your own string lights using clear ornaments if you prefer to try a craft project). 

Honourable Mention: Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper can be difficult to store in such a small space but is one of the easiest holiday essentials to reuse. For all your selfies and videos, hang a roll of wrapping paper from the top of a wall to pull down as a backdrop. Or, you can even use it when it comes time to move out of your dorm. With enough layers, it can be great for wrapping and protecting your fragile belongings as you move.

Try these creative ways to incorporate your decorations into your dorm and I guarantee you will be able to save both money and space.


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