Oh my what a difference today was from yesterday!!! Thank goodness for new days…

This morning we got up and out the door by 9am, dropped the kids off at a friend’s house and drove a half hour to meet with pastor friends at a Starbucks for “coffee”. Starbucks seems to be the unofficial “office” for pastors!! It was a good get-together; we were in LA with them in January and saw them a couple of weeks ago at a luncheon at our church but haven’t had a good lengthy chat. We’ve both been extremely busy. Anyways… we were there until 1pm when I gasped in realization that our daughter missed school today. We were supposed to be home by noon to get her there on time. She didn’t mind missing, however, she insisted we drive her book order to school it was due today!

With the older 2 in skating lessons, my hubby decided to pick up Q from school and we ate dinner at 3:50pm. Wow that was weird!! Needless to say I ate dinner again at 10pm. Q and Missy did so much better in skating today. Q is not falling as much and Missy is moving a bit faster, which caused her to fall a few more times than normal… speed is not Q’s problem. He’s skating on the outside edges of his skates. Is this normal? During this hour-long lesson, Mr. Silly kept everyone entertained as he danced around and made funny faces for them. He has a special calling!!

While we were at the rink – JZ bite me! Tonight I checked his gums and yup, those razor sharp little white things are starting to pop through the gums. No wonder why he hasn’t slept well for the last couple of days and been all whiny and grumpy, not to mention pukey!! He’ll be 8 months old on the 16th; he’s the winner for getting teeth the earliest out of my kids. I didn’t have to worry about getting nibbled by the others until much later; the first two didn’t have teeth until they were 12 months old. I gave him some Tylenol before putting him to bed tonight… maybe we will sleep until at least daylight!!!


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  1. wow 8 month already!! count yourself blessed… Morgan had teeth at 4 mths, Emily at 5 mths, Hailey at 6 mths and Faith at 7 mths!!!! Morgan is the only one who made me bleed!

  2. Oh my god, what awesome cheeks! How adorable !
    Ya, we just got four molars and they look kind of weird in his mouth with just the front four.

  3. Ewww…teeth hurt a LOT… I remember…

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