This was a busy but awesome weekend.

We weren’t sure at first what we’d do since my hubby’s Dad (who lives with us) and big sis #3 and her family were going down to spend the weekend with big sis #1 in West Virginia. Then we heard that big sis #2 wasn’t going to be around either, she spent the weekend in Pennsylvania with their newly married daughter who lives there now. I’m not sure what big bro was up to, probably with his wife’s family in Toronto. I have two cousins who live close by but unfortunately only one wants anything to do with me… the rest of my immediate family lives 5,000 kilometres away or 3,106 miles. My hubby’s family is it and they weren’t around. All that to say… we didn’t make plans – I wasn’t up to making a large traditional Easter dinner with just us and our 2 students from China.

It’s amazing how things work out though. On Friday we had a luncheon immediately after church service then that night we were invited to join a new family in the church at their house for dinner. We had a great meal of ribs and chicken. They have 3 kids the same age as my oldest 3 so they all played and played hard! They were sweaty and exhausted by the time we left, which was late – we were having such a great time. Incredible people!!

Saturday we spent the day shopping and cleaning the house, the tile needed a good scrub. We bought a cake for the anniversary celebration at the church and Easter clothes for the kids and even us big people!

Sunday after church we headed to another new family in the church home for lunch. We ate a traditional Easter dinner which was so cool cause it’s been a long time since we had Turkey and it filled the void of not having the dinner with our immediate family. They have 6 kids and are amazing parents – super patient, organized and loving!! Their youngest 3 played with my 3 the entire afternoon. I almost had to drag them out of there and on the drive home all I heard about was when could they play again?! Another cool family!

We drove home fast cause at our house another ‘nearly’ new family to the church but old friends (my hubby has known them since a teen) were waiting for us. We had a BBQ with them, ribs and chicken. They have 2 kids the same age as my oldest 2, they played all night until it was way past bedtime. They want to do a sleep over party soon. God is bringing some pretty incredible people across our path – it is blessing us and our kids at the same time!

So it was a busy Easter weekend but so incredibly enjoyable!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Yup, it is nice ot not have to cook all those meals yourself!!

    I am happy you guys had a great weekend.

    Why do these fun weekends only come during holidays?

  2. hey you….I was out all afternoon and tried to call you back and I got clicked right over to answering machine….I am going out tonight to work with J…since his busy season has started I don’t get much time with him!

  3. Glad you had a good time:)

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